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Any form of negotiation is called bargaining. In any business when there is a buyer trying to buy a product or service, the buyer will always try to negotiate for the lowest possible price, and on the contrary, the seller will try to sell his product or service at the highest possible price. The power of bargaining is the ability of a party by which it influences the other to come to a conclusion. Bargaining power is a very important aspect and the party that has it is able to negotiate and clicks better deals. Students can learn more about bargaining power by bargaining power homework help.

Aspects that affect power of bargaining

There are different criteria that can influence bargaining power as follows –

  • Presence of alternatives

When the market has several options for the same product or service, then the buyer has more power to bargain. This is because the seller knows that they have competitors from where the buyer can get the same product and thus cannot place high prices and often have to agree to low priced deals. In the same way, in case there are more buyers in the market, then the seller has more power due to the presence of buyer options. More knowledge about how the presence of options can influence the bargaining power in a deal can be obtained by checking bargaining power assignment help of


  • Lack of intensity of requirement

In case the requirement of a product or service is not that urgent, the buyer has the upper hand on the seller. This is because the buyer can easily drop the deal in case it does not suit him because he will not be losing much whereas, the seller here is at the risk of losing business if the deal does not crack. So the seller is at a low bargaining power, and in such case, he might have to close the deal with compromising price. Visit for bargaining power homework help and learn more about how lack of need can influence bargaining behavior.


  • Having enough knowledge

When a party has more knowledge about a specific product or service, then they have more bargaining power owing to the fact that their knowledge will prevent them from making any incorrect deal.


Need for bargaining power in a business

Any business aims to make maximum profits. So in a way, both the buyer and seller will try to strike deals that will benefit them. Here bargaining power helps the parties to negotiate and come to a conclusion that will benefit both the buying and selling party. Know in detail about the bargaining power assignment help.

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