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What is band-stop filter?

Band-stop filter is found in the topic of signal processing that is discussed by the electrical engineering students. Band-stop filter is also called band-rejection filter. This filter passes frequencies unaltered. This is opposite of band-pass filter. Notch filter is also band-stop filter. Narrow notch filters are applied in instrument amplifier and Raman spectroscopy.

 These are used to decrease the audio feedback. This is a very important aspect of signal processing. There are many important concepts in this topic. If you want to get more information of this subject, you can take our Band-stop filter Homework Help guideline.

Student’s problems:

Electrical engineering students face various troubles at the time of learning the subject of signal processing. In the signal processing, they have to study properly band-stop filter. Their problems are:

  • They cannot understand the concept of band-stop filter.
  • They face problem when they try to compare band stop filter to other filters.
  • In the engineering topic, there are many calculations that students have to make. At that moment, they cannot do that properly.
  • The details of signal processing are difficult to understand.
  • The use of the band-stop filter is not understood by the pupils.

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Examples of Band-stop filters:

  • In audio domain
  • Anti-presence filter
  • Anti-hum filter
  • In radio frequency domain
  • Wave trap
  • Non-linearities of the power amplifiers
  • In the optical domain

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