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What is Balanced Scorecard management?

A balanced Scorecard management is a strategic planning tool in the management system through which the mangers can easily get information about how automation tools and the design method, which supports semi-standard arrangement reports, work. They also try to control the execution of various actions by the employees and observing the outcome of each action.

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What are the critical characteristics?

There are some crucial characteristics, which defines the term Balanced Scorecard. These are as

  • It concentrates on the various agenda that are strategic and relate to the business or organization concerned.
  • Each data item of small number needs to monitor.
  • Both Financial and non financial data items are availed.

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What are the different uses of balance scorecard?

  • A selection of data is required to measure.
  • Corrective intervention can be made.
  • Setting of a predictable value of records.

What are the various perspectives?

  • Learning and growth perspective.
  • Business process perspective.
  • Customer perspective.
  • Financial perspective.

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What are the different designs of the Scorecard?

  • First Generation balanced Scorecard.
  • Second generation balanced Scorecard.
  • Third Generation Balanced Scorecard.

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