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What is Avalanche diode?

In the field of Electronics, Avalanche diode is used to understanding voltage of Avalanche breakdown when there is the voltage of some reverse bias. This is made up of some semiconductors and silicon materials.

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What are the uses of Avalanche diode?

The different uses of Avalanche diode are as follow-

  • Voltage reference
  • Microwave frequency generation
  • Protection
  • Single Photon Avalanche Detector
  • RF noise generation

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What are the terms and related concepts of this topic?

The related terms that you should go thoroughly are-

  • Avalanche breakdown
  • Zener Breakdown
  • Bias voltage
  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Clamping diodes
  • Voltage Suppressors
  • Avalanche transistors

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