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Taxation in its totality can be a hard topic but when it is made country-specific understanding all minute details is imperative. Every student must understand that it is not easy to grasp taxation policies overnight. Each country has their unique history, reasons and types of taxing citizens and Australia is no different.

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Distinct taxes of Australia

Several kinds of taxes are applied in a country but for convenience the discussion should be limited strictly to economy based taxing policies. Main distinctions in this category are as follows:

  • Capital gains

Monetary gains made on selling of assets barring a few exemptions are the crux of this tax. Important exemptions include family homes. Crucial transfers made between beneficiaries in cases of passing away fall under roll over benefits.

  • Trustee liability

Australian Taxation Assignment Answers also talks about such taxation where complete of partial net trust income have to be dispersed to either non-residents or minors. Trustees in these cases receive a share on behalf of beneficiaries. The trustee has to be claim a credit amount of tax for the amounts they have paid on behalf of beneficiaries.

  • Corporate

When profits are made by a company or organization taxes must be paid which is calculated at a fixed rate. These payments are done at the corporate level before distribution takes place to shareholders as dividends.

  • Payroll taxation

In Australia much like most other countries of the world, a percentage of tax has to be paid by employees. This rate differs, keeping in mind the total earnings of employees and wages which are paid by employers to these workers. In different parts of Australia the amount may differ. As per Australian Taxation Assignment Answers experts, rates fluctuate on a yearly basis too.

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