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Atomic and Molecular Structures Homework Help

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What is meant by atoms and molecules?

If you are a science student, then at certain point of time you have to study about atoms and molecules. It is a vast topic which needs thorough knowledge so that it becomes convenient for you to deal with the chemical equation.

The interaction that occurs between atoms and molecules is basically related to science and if you are a chemistry student, you will get to know about it in details. It is essential to start with atoms and molecules definition so that you have the idea about the topic.

Atoms are said to be the smallest units that is found in any chemical elements and it further enters to form a chemical reaction. Molecules are actually made of two or even more atoms. In case a molecule contains more than two atoms of two different kinds then it is referred as compounds.

Our atomic and molecular structures assignment help will further elaborate and will define molecule to be the smallest unit of any chemical compound that includes all the properties of an atom which a unit of chemical element.

Define bonding in atoms

Bonding is referred to as joining of two atoms that are in stable arrangement. You should know that atoms can be of two forms:

  • Ionic
  • Covalent

Covalent bonds are formed to achieve outer shell. Unlike atoms, molecules come with their internal level of freedom that includes motions of component related to atomic nuclei.

Relation between atoms and molecules

While getting the atomic and molecular structures homework help, you will definitely be able to understand the relation between the two. Atoms are joined together to form molecules. A molecule is composed of two or even more atoms. They together form a new substance known as compound. All matters are formed of atoms.

Atoms are very minute and so they can’t even be detected through powerful microscope. So, it is important to understand the weight of an atom. Hydrogen atom was the first one to get selected as a standard. The reference standard for the atomic weight is carbon isotope which has a mass number 12.

In order to know the atomic structure of any element, you need to know the atomic weight.

The atomic weight of an element=        Weight of 1 atom of the element

1/12 x weight of 1 atom of carbon -12

Presently, the atomic weight is also referred as the relative atomic mass and it is denoted by symbol amu (atomic mass unit). The standard reference for any atomic mass is considered as C12. You should know few important things, such as:

  • Atomic weight is actually not weight but just a number
  • In case of gram atomic weight it is expressed in terms of grams and has special significance in relation to a mole

Charges of atoms

While seeking for the atomic and molecular structures assignment help, it is possible to get acquainted with the subject in best way possible. You will find that each part of the atom is either labeled as “+”, “-” or “0”. These are the symbols that represent the charge of particle.

Charges are even found in tiny particles of any matter. The electron will have negative “-” charge whereas protons are positively charged “+”. In case the atom is neutral, then there are equal numbers of negative and positive charges.

Neutral atoms will come up with equal number of electrons and protons and the third particle is known as neutron which has a neutral charge and it is a charge of zero.

Atomic structure diagram

Atomic structure diagram helpFind out time to just relax!

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