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Are You a Better Narrator or Orator? Know the Difference Now

by Oct 10, 2016Assignments

A person who has tremendous knowledge about a particular field can be a narrator or an orator. However, it is not necessary that one knowledgeable person possesses both. Now, here question arises is “Are you a better narrator or orator?” You have to know by asking this question to yourself. You can be anyone, but if you want to be confident about this, then it is important to know about the various factor or points of differentiate.
Know the different by its meaning
Before you query yourself or hunt what the real difference is. You just need to understand its exact meaning. A narrator is one who tells a story and sometimes it is also said that he narrates story by reading or by writing his own. However, in case of orator, the person has the knowledge and he possesses the ability to give speech easily in public. So, these actions have different meaning, and it is not necessary that you have to be an orator, but anyone can be a narrator.
There are some differences that can easily explain that you are a proper orator or narrator. These points are as follow –

  • Can you explain things in front of all

Suppose you have a topic in which you have enough knowledge, at that moment you need to ask yourself that it is perfect to give a speech in front of people or not. Ask this to yourself. Can you explain everything in front of your colleagues or friends? If yes, then you can easily be an orator.
On the other hand, if you get a topic and you desire to write it first after thinking about it 3-4 minutes, then you cannot be an orator as you have the proper knowledge to narrate this.

  • Do you read books loudly

Ask this question again? And I think nothing is to ask as if you are someone who always read loudly even a novel or a story; then you can easily be an orator. Giving a speech in public place needs a loud sound, and a soft voice of a storyteller may face difficulty between these two ways. However, a person who is an orator can be a narrator also as he may explain a story well or read story well to grab the proper solution of becoming a narrator.
This is not the exact way of differentiate, but you may notice that if you read in a soft voice, then it will be difficult for you to give a speech in a loud voice at a time.

  • Do you ever think to be a leader

Have you ever thought to be a leader? If you think that you have all the characteristics of being an excellent leader of your campaign or your group, then you can be an orator.
However, if your views are opposite than this, then you can be a narrator. So your ability to do work and your thoughts are very important to decide whether you are a narrator or an orator.

  • For an orator a person needs to have knowledge

You speech only if you have proper knowledge about that topic. One more thing here to discuss that whatever is the topic, if it has a good side, then it must have a bad side. So, an orator must be knowledge of both, and he can easily select any one side that can give proper direction to his speech according to the situation. So, you have to be careful!
If you discuss the same point in case of a narrator, then it is very clear that you don’t have to be a lot of knowledge about any serious point. A reader or narrator can easily read and speak out the story in different ways just according to the requirement of the story. There must have a proper feeling and an action to clear its motto in front of the audience.

  • Bold voice along with proper confidence skill

Your bold voice along with perfect confidence level is essential for a better narrator. When you give a speech, you have to be confident about your topic along with the voice. If a person does not have his confidence, then he cannot speak in a loud voice.
However to narrate a story it is not very necessary that the person must have a bold voice. Telling story to the people needs a proper voice just according to the character as it clears the view of a story. Now, there is a huge difference in this point as a person’s way of giving a speech is completely different than that to narrate.
My experience
But, if you ask me about my view, I think I am a good orator. I can give nice speech which engages the audience. But, I can write well and tell a story too, but my speech makes me satisfied, and one more thing is communication. Either you are a narrator or orator, you communication way with audience must be clear as what you want to express in front of them must be clear.
Communication skill is a significant way of developing your ability to become perfect. Not only in getting difference but if you desire to create your career in management, then communication is one of the important factors to understand how ‘Management’ is the key to success in career.’
So, I think that my communication skill is really important as I can explain the matters that I desire. I own leadership challenge twice, and thus what I have written about narrator and orator is based on expert’s knowledge, and I also have the same experience.
Now, it is quite simple that a narrator and an orator are different. So, you must need the appropriate knowledge between these two kinds. In addition, you got about different factors to distinguish, but, there is a similarity between these two kinds. This is engaging the audience. Do you think that you have that much capability of the engaging audience?  If yes, you can be one of them with great skills.