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What do you mean by the term Applied Microeconometric?

Applications of Statistical methods, Computer science and Mathematics to get exact economic data are known as Microeconometric. Moreover, the empirical content requirements for finding out the economic relation are the main aim of Microeconometric. This is why the econometrics and economics both are used by its model in the different ways.

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What are the different models related to applied microeconometric?

The different types of models are as follows-

There are two main models as casual and non casual models. Some important models those comes under these are as follows –

  • Linear simultaneous equation model
  • Single Equation Models
  • Potential Outcome model
  • Casual Modeling and estimation strategies
  • Structural Models

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What are the different models of Count Data and Panel data in Microeconometric Modelling?

These are as follows –

  • Basic count data Regression
  • Parametric count regression model
  • Partially parametric model
  • Multivariate counts and Endogenous regression
  • Random effects model
  • Fixed Effects model
  • Pooled models

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