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Macroeconomics includes the study of varied terms like inflation, the rate of growth along with national price levels, and changes in unemployment. It is a branch of economics that shows the changes in aggregate budgetary. There are two broad branches of economics namely- macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics studies the overall performance of the economy. It involves the choices of government and its people.

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Components of macro experiment are-

  1. Interest rates and profit-

This includes the role of students as a borrower in a market. They act to arrange credit for funding an investment scheme.

  1. Macro experiment-

It includes unemployment remuneration that has students acting as worker or employer in a duplicate market for placement.

  1. Macro experiment-

This type has fixed prices that allow students to challenge the profit from the yield in a native market with secure compensations.

  1. Macro experiment –

It offers pliant cost price that enables students to furnish better results from labor market with pliant compensations.

  1. Macro experiment

This type has labor market allowing students to play the job of firm hiring workers with better productivity rate providing wages capital to the amount it depends.

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