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Ideal Annual and Cash Basis Assignment Solutions for Pupils from Myhomeworkhelp.Com

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Annual basis and cash basis are the two accounting methods which deal with how you book your transactions especially the revenue and the costs incurred in your business. It can affect your portfolio, taxes, cash flow and a whole lot of other things.

  • Cash basis

Most of the entrepreneurs and small business houses work on a cash basis of transactions. It’s the way when one book their transactions when cash comes into the business or goes out of the business.

Let’s understand with an example from our annual and cash basis homework solutions.

Suppose, you sold your product or service in January but the client paid you in March. Subsequently, following the cash basis, you will increase your revenue in March and cash balance as well. In this way, one is not tracking the transactions in the balance sheet but entering the transactions when get paid.

The flaw:

In such case, while looking into the profit and loss statement which shows your revenue and expenses, you will find that you are booking your revenue in March and your expense in January.

The flip side:

“Cash is the king and keeps the business running!” This may be the reason why entrepreneurs like this system because there is a whole lot of transparency in cash system i.e. cash-in and cash-out!

  • Annual basis

Now, there’s a new concept known to many people called the annual basis of accounting. It books transactions when they are earned or incurred!

Considering the same example, in this case when you sold your product or service in January; your revenue goes up and your amount receivable goes up. Consequently, when you are paid in March your balance will increase and your amount receivable will fall down.

After generating the profit and loss statement with the help of our annual and cash basis homework solutions; you can get to know the revenue and costs line-up. One can easily make out how much money he or she has earned and how much cost is incurred to be generated and how much balance is left.

The flaw:

As this method is a bit complicated; it makes no sense for new business establishments and start-ups.

The flip side:

Annual accounting is a more accurate scale to measure the profitability of a company. Big businesses are required to follow the annual basis; to comply with generally accepted accounting principles worldwide.

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