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Analyzing CPI and Understanding its Reach, Impact and Divisions

by May 21, 2018Homework Answers

CPI Homework Answers

CPI stands for Consumer Price Index. CPI is basically a measure of the changes in the price of the products, services, and commodities that are bought by the general public for their household needs. It is one of the most followed national economic data worldwide. It has a relatively easy way of calculation. CPI homework answers can give the easy solution methods.
First, a set of consumer products and services are selected. These set of consumer products and services are valued annually. These set of products and services are called basket of goods. These basket of goods are then valued every year, and their prices are average. Every year the prices are adjusted according to the changes in the consumer sector, that is, their purchasing habits.
Consumer price index is used to track the price changes that accompany a particular lifestyle. CPI is often used to identify a period of economic unrest and turmoil, especially deflation and inflation.
Example of Consumer Price Index
Let us imagine a host of products that we use in our daily lives like food, clothing, shoes, electronic goods, and furniture. Let us also imagine a host of other services that we avail in our daily lives. Now let us imagine putting all these together in a container like a basket. This basket is what we call a basket of goods in the field of economics and commerce.
With every passing day, it is common knowledge that the prices of these daily commodities and services that we have at our basket changes-the prices may increase or decrease. Accordingly, addition of the individual prices of all the commodities and services in the basket gives us the price of the basket.
If we now compare the price of this basket to its value in the preceding year, we have a ratio, and this ratio is called the consumer price index. Experts give off the help to determine and calculate the CPI homework answers much effectively.
Divisions of CPI
People and their needs are different, and they can widely vary from person to person and from one demographic region to another. Even though the basic need of food, shelter, and clothing is universal, it is the additional household commodities and services that differ from area to area. Keeping this thought in mind, it is easily understandable as to why CPI has further divisions. The basket of goods that are used to calculate CPI will differ from region to region as a person living in a sub urban area will have different products in his or her basket of goods as compared to a person living in an urban setting. Though the demarcations of CPI are decided by the respective government of a country according to its economic needs and stature, CPI is sub-divided into two main categories.

  1. One category deals with the urban consumer and,
  2. The other category is concerned with the daily wage earners and people in clerical posts.

For students looking for CPI homework answers, it is important to get accustomed with the subdivisions of CPI in their nation and then try solving their assignments.
Products used for calculating CPI
The products and services that make up the basket of goods, which is considered while calculating CPI, is divided into eight major categories. These categories are:

  • Shelter
  • Food and related products
  • Clothing
  • Recreational items and activities
  • Medical care
  • Goods used for transportation and its related services
  • Educational services and products
  • Miscellaneous other products and services

People covered by CPI
It is important to note that CPI doesn’t take into account all people while it is being calculated. Consumer price index is calculated for people living primarily living in metropolitan cities.
CPI covers the rich and the poor, the employed as well as the unemployed, the government employees and the self-employed as well as retired professionals. However, consumer price index statistical data doesn’t cover the people living in rural areas, army personnel and people admitted to hospitals for the mentally challenged.
It can be quite a twisting question if a student is asked to calculate CPI for a facility for the mentally challenged since CPI cannot be calculated in such a scenario. So while giving their CPI homework answers, students should keep in mind the list of people that the CPI statistic doesn’t cover.
Is CPI a measure of inflation?
Since CPI covers only the consumer sector of a population, it can only measure or indicate inflation as experienced by the consumer. As such it is not necessary to consider it as the sole litmus test for presence of inflation. Inflation can be experienced in other sectors too like the import and export sector, the production sector and the labor sector which have separate indexes for calculating inflation. Hence while doing their homework answers, students are advised to keep in mind that CPI is not the only definitive and sole indication of inflation.
Importance of CPI to students and CPI homework answers
Consumer price index is an important topic for students studying economics and statistics, especially those who are interested are interested in working with the economic and statistical branch of the government in their countries.
In such a scenario, it is imperative for such students to understand CPI completely and most importantly be able to apply their knowledge in real life scenarios.
It is common knowledge that the internet is an indispensable part of one’s daily life including educational life. So, it is not surprising that a majority of students look up on the internet for CPI homework answers while trying to complete their assignments.
Even though there are numerous online platforms offering homework answers, it is important for students to understand the concepts. So, why not try out the authentic help that is available at the tip of your hands.