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Amongst the very many works and jobs that people have to do in their lives, the most significant is analysis. If you think of it, you will see that there are so many areas in life, where you analyze certain facts and data. Often they go unnoticed or you are unaware about them, but still analysis is an unavoidable truth of life.

For example, many people make analysis of their own characters and change themselves if necessary. Some of them are busy analyzing the circumstances and situation on which they are and act accordingly. Similarly, in case of sales and marketing in any company, analysis of market information is pretty crucial. Based on this, stands the entire business and sales of that firm. So, data analyzing chapters are of high importance, as far as finance and business management is concerned.

Analyzing data

Data analysis or data analytics, is a method of inspecting, filtering, transforming, and grouping data with an aim to find useful knowledge, suggestions, and help to take decision. This definition does not really reveal all the true complexities and methodologies needed for analysis. This subject, however, is preceded by data collection, without which analyzing is not possible. But, that is not our concern here. Our main concern here is analytics, which is the most crucial part in market information handling.

There are mainly two steps in analytics which has to be followed, to do it accurately and get fruitful results. They are:

  • Processing –

When raw data is collected from field, then usually they are in a haphazard and disoriented pattern. Through processing this information can be grouped and organized in form of tables.

  • Quantifying –

Once processed, you can apply mathematical formulations of statistics on these data based on your requirements and it will yield certain statistical results. These results are the outcomes of analysis.

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