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Every student wishes to complete the homework before the deadline. But when it comes to the topic of fixed and variable cost structure homework, students get confused because this topic is difficult to grasp.

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What are fixed costs and variable costs?

Fixed cost:

A cost which does not depend on the increase or decrease of the amount of goods or services is known as fixed cost. If the sales are declining, most of the costs which are required for generating revenues cannot be reduced rapidly. Also, during the profitable periods, these costs do not go up. Therefore, during the peak business period, a fixed cost structure can generate profitability, whereas, when the business is suffering downfall, a fixed cost structure helps in recovering the operational losses.

Variable cost:

The costs which depend on the production of the organization are called variable costs. The product cost can reach upto the absolute level of cost. When the business is suffering loss, the variable costs drop, and thus providing protection against operational losses and results in profitability of the organization. But the only disadvantage is, a company following a variable cost structure is not able to gain much during the boom period.

Our experts of alternative fixed-cost/variable cost structures homework help will see to it that you understand the difference between the two terms.

Comparison between fixed and variable cost structures

Although it is difficult to say whether fixed-cost structures are better or variable cost structures, our team of alternative fixed-cost/variable-cost structures homework help will try to provide you with an answer to this question. It can be said that the risk factor associated with variable cost is less. In case of fixed cost, if the organization is unable to meet the interest obligation, it leads to debts. Therefore, variable cost structures are considered safe.

For most of the students, this conceptual clarity becomes a major burden that they simply cannot overcome. However, with a manual as this, students will get clarity of concepts and get better understanding.

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