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Alkenes and Alkynes Homework Help – a Boon for All Students

The two main types of basic hydrocarbons are alkynes and alkenes. Alkynes contain more hydrogen and carbon for carbon than in alkenes. Here, the carbon atoms get joined with a double bond. In the alkene structure, this carbon- carbon double bond structure is the most striking feature. Instead of getting confused you can check out alkenes and alkynes homework help for further reference.

Know more about alkanes and alkynes:

  • Both alkanes and alkynes are simply organic hydrocarbons
  • In an organic molecule, there consists of one carbon atom whereas a hydrocarbon molecule consists of hydrogen and carbon
  • Most of these molecules are required in the production of various other materials like plastic
  • They act as the main source of fuel
  • Energy, water and carbon dioxide are produced when hydrocarbon burns in the presence of oxygen
  • This energy is stored in carbon and hydrogen bonds

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What are the differences between alkenes and alkynes?

  • Alkenes in their saturation point, all the carbon atoms are able to hold the highest number of hydrogen atoms
  • Alkynes on the other hand is unsaturated
  • While bonding, alkenes consists of all individual carbon atom to hydrogen bonds
  • Alkynes on the contrary consists of at least one atom of carbon to carbon triple bond
  • The term ends with “ene” suffix in alkenes
  • In case of alkynes, “yne” is the suffix that ends the term. It is also often referred as acetylenes

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The different ways to name alkenes are as follows:

  • At first you must select the parent structure of the longest chain comprising of carbon – carbon double bond
  • Next you have to consider the compound which have been derived from that particular structure
  • It can be done by replacing the hydrogen by a number of different alkyl groups
  • The parent structure is commonly known as propane, ethane, pentene, butane etc
  • All these depend upon the presence of carbon atoms
  • All these names are then derived by just changing the end suffix

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