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Algebra is that branch of Mathematics that deals with letters in place of numbers. The algebraic equation is like a scale where the calculation that is done on one flank of the gauge is also done on the other side of the gauge.

The numbers are constant. There are different types of numbers that can be used in algebra. You can use complex numbers, real numbers, vectors, matrices and other mathematical representations.

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Various terms related to algebraic equations:

  • Variables

These are letters that represent numerical values and these values are sometimes known and are sometimes unknown. The different letters here are called variables because they can represent any value. In most cases letters that are used here are x, y and z.

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  • Coefficients

Coefficients basically are the number parts of a particular variable. For example when we take this expression 5y, then 5 is the coefficient here. Again when there is no number mentioned in an expression then coefficient is 1.

  • Algebraic expression

This is a phrase that makes use of constants and variables. It also uses certain operating symbols like plus, minus, multiplication etc.

  • Constants

There are certain algebraic expressions that make use of only numbers. For example in the expression, 5x+9, 9 is the constant.

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  • Rational Numbers

The word rational comes from “ratio” and can there fore be written either as a quotient or as a ratio of two integers.

  • Real Numbers

Real numbers include fractions, whole numbers, decimal etc. They can either be rational or irrational.

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