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Have the Homework Help Your Way about Aldehydes and Ketones

We can say that you have selected the correct platform for the Aldehydes and Ketones assignment help. It is the Carbonyl Functional group that includes Aldehydes and Ketones which are in turn organic compounds.

It Is Huge!

Both Aldehydes and Ketones are widespread and are often seen to combine with different functional groups. Some of the groups have been named – Wolff-Kishner Reduction; Clemmensen Reduction or Hydrogenolysis of Thioacetals.

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Two Types of Reactions

·         Reversible Addition Reactions like Hydration and Hemiacetal Formation and Formation of Imines and Related Compounds.

·         Irreversible Addition Reactions like Reduction by Complex Metal Hydrides and Addition of Organometallic Reagents

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