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Define gas

While getting into the study of gases you will get opportunity to understand different behavior of matter and can be simplified into different terms. The individual particles would act independently and also uncomplicated by total interactions between each other. Air- physical properties of gases homework help from myhomeworkhelp.com will serve you the knowledge of gases that can serve as pathway which will deliver knowledge on any complicated condensed phases that may either be liquids or solid state of matter.

Properties of gases

Gases actually possess three characteristic properties:

  1. They can easily be compressed
  2. They can get expanded to fill up the containers
  3. They occupy more spaces compared to liquids and solids

It is vital to understand the properties of gases:

  • The gas does not come in any definite shape or volume. It can occupy the space of container
  • Gas does not come up with any surface of its own
  • Gas is said not to be rigid and can easily be compressed.
  • Air- physical properties of gases assignment help will define that gas on cooling stage can convert into liquid state.

Pressure of gas

The molecules found in the gas can turn out to be a continuous process and stays in motion that strikes the inner wall of container. Once such state occurs, they immediately get bounced back without any loss of their kinetic energy, but certainly in reverse direction that imparts any force of container walls. The force can be divided by total surface area which can finally act on the pressure of gas.

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