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Factories and markets are an integral portion of economy of a country, state, region or a company. Manufacture and productions, supplies, distributions and market trends are the key factors to these. In one word, they control the entire economy of a region. Any change, any trend or any market stability is a direct or indirect result of one or more of these factors.

Now, there is a proverb in economic realms that entire economy can be illustrated using only two factors: supply and demand. Literally speaking, it is not a true sentence. But, it is popular because it has a good and true implication. These two factors may not be all, but carry extreme weight age when it comes to economic determinations.

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On this subject

What is actually meant by supplies? It is a measure of the outcome of an economic body or company, which can be either a good or a service. One of the unique and most important parts of this is the aggregate supply, which is our concerned topic here.

Aggregate supplies or A.S. refer to total outcome goods or services of a single price range, produced by all firms of a concerned economic body within a certain period of time.

If we plot total production along Y-axis and price levels of different goods along X-axis, we get a graph popularly known as supply curve. This curve helps economists to make several useful predictions and analysis of economy and it is also easier to handle graphs than numerical data sets, all the time. For students, such graphs are useful in deducing Aggregate Supply homework answers.

The factors which influence and control A.S. are:

  • Consumers’ products
  • Capital goods
  • Governmental goods
  • Exported products

Apart from these, there are also factors which actually help economists to measure changes in A.S. They are:

  • Labor power
  • Input price

From knowledge of these factors, an economists or a student of economy can correctly compute the A.S. of a given region and can write down correct Aggregate Supply assignment answers.

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