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Being a part of the branch of physics known as fluid dynamics, aerodynamics is all about the movement of objects through fluid in a quick and effective manner. The basic principles of aerodynamics are quite easy to understand. However, it does involve some complex mathematics, which is why students usually run into trouble while preparing their aerodynamics homework answers. That is where we can come to your rescue by providing expert online assistance on the topic.

What is aerodynamics?

The science of objects moving through air is called aerodynamics. The basic principles of aerodynamics provide an explanation of how aeroplanes are able to fly. In fact, aerodynamics affects anything moving through air, be it a kite flying through air or a rocket taking off. In that regard, even cars are affected in the same way.

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Four forces of flight

Weight, lift, drag and thrust are considered to be the four forces of flight. These are the forces responsible for making an object move in a certain direction at a certain speed. The movement of an object through air is determined by the amount of each of these forces, as compared to the opposing forces.

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  • Weight:

The force responsible for pulling objects towards the Earth is known as gravity. The mass of object multiplied by the gravitational forces is known as weight. Being a downward force, aircrafts have to overcome it for flying.

  • Drag:

A force pulling back on an object trying to move is known as drag. This force resists the movement.

  • Lift:

A push that allows objects in moving up is called lift. The force of lift is opposite to that of weight. Any object should have lift for it to fly. An aircraft should have more lift as compared to weight for it to move in an upward direction.

  • Thrust:

The opposing force of drag is called thrust. It is the force that pushes objects to move forward. An aircraft needs to have more thrust as compared to drag.

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