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Overview of Advertising Media

Here, Advertising Media Assignment Help has provided you with a basic concept on the topic. Advertising media is the mean which communicates promotional messages or advertisements to the public. Following are a few types of advertising media:-

  • Newspapers:

It is the most popular type of printed media which is used for advertisement. Almost 50% of a newspaper comprises of different types of advertisements. All newspapers sell advertisement space. There are mainly 2 types of newspaper advertisements:-

  • Display Advertisements: Advertisements having an illustration along with heading and detailed descriptions.
  • Classified Advertisements: These usually have few lines and a heading and they appear in a separate section of the newspaper.
  • Magazines:

Magazines are another type of printed media which are usually availed by people if they have time to spare. High printed quality as well as colored advertisements are a huge advantage of magazines.

  • Direct Mail:

Direct mail is another type of printed media which are sent to individual person. Some examples of direct mail are leaflets, letters, brochures, catalogs, etc. Although this type of advertisement is costlier than the other printed media, the advertising company can be sure that it is reaching the concerned people.

  • Radio:

Most of the local companies post their ads through radio. The main advantage of radio is that people listen to it while doing different types of activities.

  • Outdoor signs:

Outdoor signs are mostly large and colorful in nature, so that it can get the attention of by-standers. These ads should be short and small, so that the message can be conveyed to the consumers in few seconds. The most commonly used outdoor signs are billboards, posters and electronic displays.

  • Television:

Television is the most popular media through which companies advertise their products or services. It has a wide range of viewers. It is expensive than the rest of the advertising media, but it is also the most effective one.

  • Internet:

With the increase of internet usage in the world, advertisement through this media is also becoming very popular. It varies from banners to pop-ups.

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