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What is ADR?

ADRs are also known as American depositary receipt which has been introduced by U.S. bank and are easily negotiable. ADR show the total number of shares that is held by a country as stocks and is traded on U.S. exchange rate. ADRs are usually divided by U.S. dollars and with the security that U.S. financial institutions have held. One of the most important use of ADR is that it also helps to reduce the administration and duty cost.

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What are types of ADR issued?

There are mainly three types of ADR that is issued in common.

They include:

  • The first type of ADR is the level 1 ADR where the foreign company refuses to put their ADR on the exchange list. Securities and Exchange Commission also demands fewer requirements from this type of ADRS.
  • Second one is the level 2 ADR which is listed on the exchange and is more demanding then the level 1 ADRS.
  • The last one is the level 3 ADR and is the most important ADRs then the above two. It helps to raise a good amount of capital from the U.S. financial markets.

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