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The field of accounting deals with a variety of disciplines that holds active usage in practical life. The concept of adjusting entry revolves around recording the transactions with income and expenses in a period of time. All kind of sufferings and profits in the accounting period are documented in these statements. Students often feel the need of urgent Adjusting Entry Homework answers for a better understanding of its practical usage.

What is Adjusting Entry all about?

The accounting journal entries play a major role in issuing a company’s financial statement. The journal recorded at the end of a working year is called adjusting entry. The accounting period should match with that of expenses in appropriate periods of accounting. The function of adjusting entry is to make sure that balance sheet is contemporary to the income statement.

Adjusting entry can be of three types-

  • Accruals– The pending revenues and unrecorded expenses are usually included in it.
  • Prepayments– The advanced revenues and liabilities paid as expenses are generally included under this.
  • Non-cash– The non-cash items are generally recorded under this.

Application of Adjusting Entry-

Adjusting entries finds its utility in every firm. Some of its specified usages is-

  • It helps to note down the unrecorded incurred expenses.
  • It includes all the record of incomes earned during the accounting period
  • It involves a balance sheet account along with an income statement account

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