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Why to Avail the Facility of Activity Based Costing Homework Help?
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Introduction to the topic
When talking about activity based costing, let us first see what this subject is all about. It can be defined as a methodology in an organization through which it identifies each activity and assigns cost to each activity based on the resources that are used in manufacturing and consumption of goods and services. In other words it can also be said to be an approach to monitoring and costing of each activity and its final output.

It is not necessary that this subject may seem to be easy for each and every student because the overall topic does not end up in just two lines. It has various applications, methodology, limitations, advantages and aims. To study about all this a student may definitely need activity based costing assignment help.

Detail information of the topic
As said earlier there are several aims of activity based costing. Few of them are discussed below for better understanding of students.

  • It tries to identify and remove those goods and services that are unprofitable and are hindrance to the resources and overall organization.
  • It identifies better and more feasible options that are available with less utilization of resources to produce same amount of goods and services.
  • It aims in better decision making of the company by reducing the price of the product but at the same time improving its quality.

While talking about the methodology, it can be said that it basically segregates the overall cost into fixed cost, variable cost and overhead cost for the better understanding and decision making within an organization. However, there also exist some limitations of activity based costing which cannot be ignored as they seem to be very important:

  • Tracing of costs – some of the overhead cost cannot be determined based on individual activity. Therefore such costs are divided among the activity based on the contribution made in organization.
  • Public sector usage – when used in the public sector organization, these reports do not provide with any justification regarding the success of the methodology. All these terms seem to be complicated, isn’t it? Try taking activity based costing homework help.

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