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Acquire the Complete Benefits of Producers v/S Consumers Homework Help

by Jul 8, 2017Homework Solution

In economics producers and consumers are two different terms. Producers indicate those people who produce goods and different services for others. However, the consumers indicate those people and organizations those use goods and services. In economics producers and consumers are two basic terms, and each student must know about these terms.

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In economic view, consumers means the people and organization those use commodities and economic services.

Which one is important between producers and consumers?

If you consider that producers are important, then you can say that without getting proper production consumers are unable to get the things according to their suitable requirement. However, if you say that consumers are more valuable, then it is also true that without having suitable consumption of goods and services, the producers will not be able to get proper stability in the market.

Though the terms explain completely opposite meaning, but each term is important and gives a suitable relationship between consumers and producers. Unless consumers consume the things the producers will be unable to produce.

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How Consumers are important for development of economy in the country?

Consumers take goods and services by paying money. In case they do not pay the amount instantly they take services on debt by getting loan. It means directly or indirectly, the fund is consumed by the producers. The economy development of a country depends on the consumptions of goods and services. So, the production increases because consumptions get its exact value. Now, it is clear that how consumption is a prominent factor for economic point of view.

How supply and demand are related with producers and consumers?

The demand increases productions, means supply needs to be increased. It means producers give a proper way to supply. In the same way if consumptions take place in a large manner, then consumers are there to purchase the things or use the government economic services. In short form you can say that supply increases production, but consumptions increases demand.

How inflation is important for producers? How consumers get affected with inflation rate?

Here you have two different terms as inflation and deflation. If the inflation rate is higher, it means the price of goods and services increase. In addition, with higher inflation, there is no issue of unemployment. It means the consumptions will take place and thus the market of economy will get more consumers.

Producers need more and more purchasers or consumers. So, there are more employees and the rate of unemployment decreases means wages provided to more employees and this is the prime reason of increasing of consumption of food and different goods.

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