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Acid/Base Chemistry Homework Help – Easy Solution to Difficult Assignments

What are acids?

Some of the most fun moments during chemistry classes are to be had in the laboratory. Not only do students learn a lot from practical lessons but they also enjoy these lessons a lot more. Mixing different acids and bases together to create something new is extremely interesting. It fosters an interest for chemistry in the minds of young learners. Learning about acids is a rather fundamental portion of studying chemistry.

Acids are molecules or ions that are able to donate hydron or able to formulate a covalent bond with electron pairs. Before the studying of acids becomes complicated it is important to have efficient acid/base chemistry assignment help already in hand.

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Types of acids

As you go through your acid/base chemistry assignment help, there are two general types of acids that you need to know about. These are as follows:

  • Bronsted Acids

Also known as the Bronsted – Lowry acid, is a special type of acid that donates a proton to the opposite base known as the Bronsted – Lowery base. These acids make up in scope where the Arrehenius acids lack.

  • Arrehenius Acids

Svante Arrehenius was the first person to attribute acid like properties to hydrogen ions. His experiments revealed that when an Arrehenius acid was added water the concentration of hydrogen ions was increased. This is first thing you will learn about from your acid/base chemistry homework help.


Bases are substances that are less volatile or reactive when compared to acids. Bases are identified by their texture that becomes slippery in aqueous solutions, they change the colour of red litmus paper by turning it blue, they form salts when combined with acids and they aid in chemical reactions. These are just a few properties of most bases that you will come in any acid/base chemistry homework help.

Types of bases

  • Strong bases: These include lithium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide cesium hydroxide and barium hydroxide among others.
  • Super bases: Butyl lithium, Lithium bis amide, sodium amide, etc.
  • Bases as catalysts: Magnesium oxide and barium oxide.

Chemical reactions that occur between acids and bases are known as acid-base reactions. There are a number of theories and definitions that relate to this. For example, the Bronsted – Lowry acid – base theory and Liebigs hydrogen theory of acids.

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