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The revenues and expenses as recorded in a period of occurred whether cash is involved or not in accountancy is known as the accrual concept. All the financial statements represent the expenses incurred with the reported values is the accrual approach during an accounting period.

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What is accrual concept?

  • Under this category, income has to be recorded within the period of accounting within which it has been earned.
  • Thus accrued income must be identified in the accounting period
  • It should not be shown in the next period when it would be incurred.
  • On the contrary, expenses must be taken into account within the accounting period, within which they are incurred.
  • It should not be recognized in the following year when the expenses can be paid back.
  • Prepaid expenses should not be produced as expenses during the accounting period.
  • Prepaid expenses should be shown in the next periods of accounting.
  • Accrual accounting also takes into account about all the expenses that are correctly matched with the earned revenue during a period of accounting.
  • This accrual concept is actually very similar with that of theprinciple of matching.

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An example to explain the concept of accrual:

For instance, an airline wishes to sell its tickets few days or just a day before the flight is booked. But it fails to keep an account of the receipts as revenue. It is because the cause of the event on whose basis the revenue was supposed to take place is yet to occur.

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