How to Deal with Bills of Exchange/ Accounting Treatment of Bills?

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Bills of Exchange and their accounting treatment:

Any active business organization undertakes several exchanges of bills on a regular basis. The bills which are either accepted or drawn are recorded in a separate journal. The bills which the drawn are recorded in the Bills Receivable Journal and the ones which are accepted are listed under Bills payable journal.

With respect to the bill, there can be four parties involved:

The drawer can treat a bill of exchange in the following ways:

  • It can be held till the date of maturity, when it becomes payable
  • A bill can be discounted (this service is provided by banks). If a person is in urgent need of money, they can get the bill discounted or paid in advance, of course against a certain interest.
  • A bill can be endorsed, which means the holder of a bill can pass it on to one of his creditors so as to clear his debts.
  • The bill can be sent in for collection.

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