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Accounting has specific criteria which exist for proper accounting standards. Students go through a lot while doing assignments and homework and thus search for appropriate help from professional experts. This is where our accounting criteria homework help, steps in to assist. Accounting criteria are consistent with gaap (generally accepted accounting principles). The measurement, presentation and recognition of cash flows and expenses arising from a lease will depend on the classification as operating or finance lease.

Accounting is classified into various groups depending on its nature. The accounting divisions are financial, management, auditing and tax. These are discussed below for a better view on this topic.

Financial accounting

It primarily focuses on reporting financial information of an organisation to various external parties like creditors, investors, etc. It calculates business transactions and records them for the preparation of financial statements following the rules imposed by gaap. It arises and changes when needed to meet decision makers’ desire. Accounting criteria assignment help explains this in detail.

It creates reports of past, for example, 2005 financial reports which were prepared based on the 2005’s performance. For help, you don’t have to look further, just visit us at

Audit in accountancy

This is a process of verification of certain assertions which is made by an individual or a company, things regarding payoff. According to accounting context, it is seen as unbiased evaluation and examination of financial statements of a company. A financial statements’ audit aims to disclaim or express opinions on financial statements. This is explained with detailed examples on our accounting criteria homework help.

An auditor expresses the opinion on fairness which was involved in creating that financial statement which shows financial position, an entity’s cash flow and operations results in gaap’s (generally acceptable accounting principles) accordance.

Management accounting

It aims at information’s analysis, measurement and reporting which helps managers to take decisions so that the organisation or company’s goal can be reached. In this accounting approach, internal reports and measures are established on analysis of cost benefit. It does not require following gaap. It creates reports which are future-oriented. For example, a budget for the year 2018 is formed on 2017. The reports time spans vary widely. Reports like these contain both financial as well as non-financial information.

Tax accounting

In this accounting process analysis, preparation and presentation of returns and payment of tax are dealt with primarily. Unique principles of accounting are used for tax which differs from gaap. To know more about tax and other accounting areas visit us at

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