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With increased rate of casualties and vehicles on road, the chances of accidents have gradually gone up. People are affected more due to lack of immediate treatment and recovery from the spot. With our accident detection system using mobile phones homework help; we explain how the implementation of accident detection systems can help save lives using latest technology. Get an excellent homework solution on the subject matter with us.

The accident detection technology is usedmainly to notify family members, police and ambulance in case there is any accident. This helps quick recovery of the people affected and get urgent medical treatment. The system makes use of GPS, GPRS and GSM technology to track the location of the occurrence and send information to predefined emergency numbers.

In accident detection system using mobile phones assignment help, the benefits of using this technology are discussed in details with circuit diagrams. We make every effort to help you fetch highest mark in the paper. Our round the clock support is available at myhomeworkhelp.com.

Components used:

The various components used in the circuit system are:

  1. Vibration Sensors
  2. Liquid crystal display
  3. Power supply
  4. Microcontroller
  5. GSM module
  6. GPS module
  7. Keypad
  8. DPDT relay
  9. DB9 connector

When we talk about accident detection system using mobile phones homework help, we ensure elaboration of all the components by the experts themselves. If you don’t get a detailed study, you won’t understand the concepts and requirements of the mechanisms.

The pros and cons of accident detection system:


  1. If the driver is not in a state to call for help, ambulance, police or family members get warnings instantly.
  2. Due to notification in proper time, the victims of accident can be recovered and provided with immediate medical treatment.
  3. Using this technology, detection of vehicles and tracking location is cost effective.
  4. If a car goes missing or has been theft, accident detection system using mobile phones works like a boon.


However, there is a disadvantage also. Since itscommunication using technology, there can be problems of blockage in signal transmission due to natural and manmade factors.If you want to have a clear understanding of the advanced level, and then accident detection system using mobile phones assignment help is surely going to be a perfect choice. They provide 100% effort for your progress.

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