Accept the Challenge to Motivate the Unmotivated: Few Suggestions

Students are facing problems in practicing homework from an early age, and it has become an award winning boredom in their lives. What makes it more unbearable is the stress after school. Any student feels stressful after coming home from school. This is when they are reminded of homework. There are regular studies also. All these jumbled tasks make that student more irritated than ever.
So what’s the closest solution? Ditch it? Ditching homework isn’t at all a solution. Now or sometime later, they have to finish it. Grades are on the line. Assignments are important for preparation and homework for practice.
So generally, they are good for students and their near examinations, but how you would teach them theimportance of homework. Unless they see its good points, they will not start involving.
Motivating Unmotivated Students: Step-by-step
Basically, a student lacks a proper planning for doing everything on time. If you can succeed in preparing a plan for handling all homework and studies at the sametime, then it could solve perfectly. This is a tough task to motivate unmotivated students, but I never said it is impossible.

  • Do they know its purpose?

This question is important and should be asked first of all. What is its purpose in their lives? How is it becoming useful? All these questions should be answered with proper explanations to your students. Homework is practice and help in teaching responsibility and builds confidence. A successful result can be achieved through regular practice or doing homework.

  • Proving their capability:

If a student is unaware of big challenges coming in future, then it is your duty to help them take up small challenges through homework. Tell them how it proves their capability. They have come to this stage of studies by studying and doing what was necessary, so if they want they can improve further.

  • Repetition is helpful!

Homework has another name, repetition. So if your student doesn’t like to hear doing homework, then you can ask to repeat a lesson. Doing regular memorization needs practice. Homework does this part of studies without letting a student understand this huge effect.

  • Regular homework can be helpful:

As I already mentioned before, doing repetition regularly improves memorizing abilities. Try to fix homework every day. It should be based on those lessons you taught on that very day.
Make sure they are small in size, just important facts and points or what they have understood after this class, etc. Inspire them for regular home tasks so that they learn the importance of doing things on a pick of time and not leave it for later.

  • Always care for them and check their activities:

Show your students that you care and really wants to motivate them. Start this by checking homework as soon as possible. This way you can inspire them for real.
As they are ready to submit homework regularly, you too need to schedule thing in a way so those home tasks can be checked on time. You also need to show their mistakes and explain them regularly for their sure improvements.

  • Create a personality ready for inspiration:

You need to have a personality that will inspire students quite naturally. This character building needs some methodical approaches. You need to guide every student with seriousness but not rigidly. Being strict is not always preferable. If your students are afraid of you, then there is no way you can motivate them.

  • Gifts and awards:

This might seem quite childish, but actually it works like magic. If there are some gifts waiting for those having great marks in homework then decide on gifts. This needs some research like which gifts can satisfy themajority.
You can also award them for their success through concert or cinema tickets, even lunch coupon and such. You can also go wild by delivering one pass for no homework for that day to the best homework doer. Make sure these are in perfect order.

  • Innovative ideas for homework:

Trying out new and innovative homework plans are always a success. You have to make new patterns for questions. Keep them short, and there should be more than one scope to explore.

  • The Internet as a guide:

If your students are not keeping up with homework, then tell them to take guidance from online sources. These websites are perfect when it is about homework and assignment help. Mixing it up with your notes and creating new possibilities to answer, they can grab better marks.

  • Creating small groups:

It is better to create small groups of students for doing homework. Each group will have separate tasks for themselves. They have to communicate with each other and then finish homework by their own efforts. They can take your support if they find it difficult.
Deliver supplements as guidance if necessary. As there is more than one partner, this can be a fun experience.
All these are useful techniques for motivating students who have less interest or zero interest for homework. If one plan fails then always keep it in mind that:
“If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work then the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool. ”
Preparing more than one plan is best. There are ways to make students understand the necessity of homework. You can rely on those ways to push your students forward to a brighter future. Help them understand that doing homework and assignment aren’t always boring; it has definite importance in a student’s life.

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