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What is Absolute Return means?

Here Absolute Return Homework Help attempts to make clear about the meaning. Absolute Return is the return which an asset gains over a certain time span. It depends on the inflation or depreciation of an asset over a period more often with a stock or a mutual fund. Absolute Return investment techniques are characterized by:

  1. Short selling
  2. Options
  3. Derivatives
  4. Arbitrage
  5. Leverage
  6. Unconventional assets

So it is pretty clear now. Absolute is a distinctive word used to differentiate it with the word relative. And Return is the gain or loss for an asset over a certain period (expressed in percentage). Ultimate is more the risk you take, more is the chance to gain more returns.

Calculating Absolute Return:

Absolute Return Assignment Help also did not forget to mention the importance of finding out Absolute Returns.

Hence the formula to calculate Absolute Return is-

Absolute returns = 100* (SellingPrice – Cost Price)/ (Cost Price)

Things are much easier now. What students need to do is just the values on and calculates the numbers. We hope that we have made things easy now. Students say bye-bye to those days when you used to avoid numerically.

Students might also ask– why is it needed to calculate Absolute Return?

The answer to this question is right here:

  • To keep track about the investment.
  • Making appropriate adjustments
  • Help to choose among different investment options.

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