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A Knowledge Base for Finding a Tutor for Your Child

by Oct 14, 2016Online Tutoring

Whitney Hollins- Adjunct Instructor, Hunter College- “Tutoring services are the great way to help your child succeed academically.”
In fact sources revealsome schools across bordersare offering tutoring services to assist students get ready for their crunch time.In UK a few educating institutions work with local agencies to pair students with good tutors volunteering to lend a helping hand.
To help parents find a good tutor for their child/children along with the important aspects to consider, here is a complete knowledge base.
What kind of tuition your kid needs?
Tutoring services are taken up for numerous reasons. Some parents have specific requirements while some want a combination. Irrespective of the situation, it is essential to know the reasons as that will assist in locating a quality and reliable tutor.
The reasons may be as follows:

  • Up-keeping-

Your kid has moved to a new school and because of that he/she is finding problems in getting adjusted to teacher’s expectation and new routines. The different studydom is proving to be quite demanding, time consuming and over-whelming.
These tutoring programs are meant to assist students gather knowledge effectively and also learn the art of time management. Plus, it helps them understand their new academic responsibilities, finish off their home assignments before schedule and become an independent learner.

  • Remediation-

After a parent teacher meeting or when an un-expected report card comes home, you begin to realize that your super star is not performing well in his/her academics. In such cases remediation sessions are beneficial as it helps fill the slits in particular subjects namely mathematics, writing and reading.
As the basic skills are mastered tutoring services can begin teaching grade level skills and bolstering their self-esteem and achievements.

  • Augmentation-

After your child is at last working well at his/her syllabus or is more comfortable in tackling the challenges coming their way, hiring a tutor to accelerate their skills in specific areas or subjects is a benefit.

  • Preparing them for crunch times

This does prove to be an asset for your kids. Choosing a tutor who has a strong background in taking tests or someone who has a fair knowledge about exam patters is beneficial for your kid.
These tutors formulate test samples or mock tests and help sharpen your kid’s in-depth knowledge about a subject. Plus they will also eliminate their nervousness, which is the cause for so many students not scoring well, despite being well prepared with their subjects.
The important qualities which you should check in your kid’s tutor:
Hoping to find a good tutor for your kid is never easy. You need to thoroughly examine various aspects. Here is a look at some of the characteristics which you should look before hiring one as well as

  1. Pay special attention upon their educational efficiency-
  • The 1stthing which you should look is whether your tutor is a graduate from a certified college. An honours degree of any subject should be ideal.
  • Next is to see if they hold a valid teaching certificate provided to them by an education institution of the state, by some reputed college or by a tuition training agency.
  • This marks whether the tutor is well versed with important educational theories, important remedial approaches and also the essential institutional strategies.

In a survey conducted in UK some time before, numerous parents considered young graduates to be the right tutor option for their kids. They stated that these young graduates have a good amount of subject know-hows and their unique, fun and ahead of time concept explaining techniques will make kids love them.

  1. Tutors should be able to exhibit growth both in approach and academics

The tutor whom you appoint should be able to expand your kid’s in depth knowledge about a particular subject. There should be a noticeable difference in your kid both attitude-wise as well as in academics. If no differences are seen, in a month’s time, bid farewell to the present tutor and look for someone else.

  1. Should communicate with you about your kid’s progress

A good tutor should constantly give you an assessment on your kid’s progress, his/her goals and how they are faring during sessions. Plus a good tutor should also state what plans he/she is thinking to implement for the betterment of your kid and whether you as a parent have a role to play or not.
These are some features which you have to check before hiring one. If you feel appropriate you can also employprofessional educational websites for some good tutor credentials.
“In fact I would recommend everyone asking how to find a tutor job to polish up their communication skills as that is a key crux of a becoming a successful and likeable tutor.”
Things you should clear out with your kid’s tutor:
Understanding what makes a student function properly is one of the key aspects of a successful tutor. However during the initial stages, it does prove to be difficult for them to know your kid and equally your kid might not feel comfortable with them right away.
What works?
You should always be ready to share as much information about your kid to initiate a good start. Here is a list of some of the information which you should share:

  • What drives your child?
  • Whether your kid likes attending school?
  • Whether your kid has a good memory capacity or not?
  • How does your kid feel about being taught?
  • How comfortable is your kid studying in environments other that their own room?
  • Does your kid’s school agree with your personal evaluation of your child?
  • Does he/she have any study kill issues?

Where to find the best tutor?
There are numerous sources where you can get good quality tutors:

  • Spread the work amongst friends, family, neighbours and also acquaintances. There is a good possibility that an efficient tutor might be working next door.
  • Ask at your kid’s school if they are aware of anyone who provides additional tutoring services in the evening or even after school hours.
  • You can look for fliers or advertisement hoardings outsidechildren consignment stores, your own work place, outside your paediatrician’s workplace, colleges or the local library.
  • Check in the yellow pages or daily newspapers.

Ending statement:
Refer to these aforementioned tips properly. That’s all there is in this segment, hope you enjoyed going through it.