A Guide on What to Do When You Have a Lot of Homework and Little Time

Homework is a familiar word for school students and they are bound to complete it within the deadline. Of all the excitements and fun, homework is what we all hate the most about school. Getting it done after school is the hardest work ever and you always end up wondering what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time. This certainly does not help instead the given homework becomes a burden and a boring job to do.
Moreover, in the hurry of completing the bulk of homework within the little time makes it even harder to complete it. Students most of the times are overburdened with the given homework that they actually lose focus on the basic studies and it also affects their physical and mental health. Worry not; you can now help yourself with few tips on what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time.
Importance of homework
Homework is indeed very important for a student in improving the knowledge and curiosity skills but a lot of homework can be counterproductive and can lead to serious problems. Teachers often assign homework just to keep the students busy during holidays and weekends but this is not ideal for their learning experiences. Giving homework and to complete it within the allotted little time eventually makes the students hate studies as a whole.
Tips on what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time
Most of the students nowadays are busy with either after-school jobs or extracurricular activities which are also important apart from the studies. Having homework every single night seems to stress them. They do not always have enough time to complete the homework which leads them to sacrifice sleep and eventually a poor health. Here are some helpful tips to complete your homework in little time:

  • Select a place:

Finding a place to work away from distractions like TV, mobiles, computers, etc. is the very first step in completing homework faster. Select a place where you can sit and work for the needed time without any disturbance.

  • Handy materials:

Keep every material you require in doing the homework handy and within arm’s reach. Your workplace should be always well stocked with paper, pens, and study materials which you can need.

  • Start early:

You can start the day’s homework at the school itself which will require less of your leisure or valuable time at home. Try and start your work in the recess period or in the free time after class. This can not only make your homework half done, you can also ask your teacher for any query and help.

  • Record assignments:

It is actually most important to note down your work for the day or night whether in your mobile, paper planner or calendar. Recording your assignments instead of memorizing can help you save time without remembering or having to call your friend in case you forget.

  • Time yourself:

Timing yourself can help you complete homework faster each day. Set up timers while doing your homework and follow the time giving yourself a minute or two less the following day. This will eventually make you complete the homework faster within the given time.

  • Get help:

When you are really wondering what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time you can simply seek for someone who can help you. If your parents are good at a particular subject go to them for help and no one else. Do not waste time wondering among other family members or friends.
Homework and Health
According to studies, students having abulk amount of homework and spending a lot of time completing it have serious health problems. Moreover, having alittle amount of time in completing a night’s homework can also lead to build up stress which often leads to behavioral changes and finally depression. Thus, they should be assigned with a decent amount of homework only if it is rational and necessary.
Students already have 7-8 hours of school and since the adults work for thesimilar length of time and comes home exhausted, we generally cannot make the children sit with books doing homework for more hours.Overburdened homework can not only create health problems but can also cause mental pressure and make them think what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time in order to finish it.
Doing homework faster
Getting the homework faster is really easy. You just need to be focused and determined in completing it. If you are thinking what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time and just want to finish the given work faster, here are some steps you can follow which are simple and easy:

  • Select the time of your day when you generally do nothing at your home. Do not waste your time sitting idle and use your wasted time doing homework instead. This will help you complete the homework without affecting your basic study time.
  • Try and part your homework in segments and complete it one at a time. This will help you complete it faster as small segments would require less time to complete.
  • Reward yourself for completing a part of your homework or think of rewarding by challenging yourself to complete it within a specific time. Try completing it before your favorite TV show starts or before going out to play.
  • Do not panic thinking what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time. Be self-disciplined and motivate yourself in completing the homework and try to learn and improve your knowledge.
  • Switch off your mobile and stay far away from distractions and disturbances. Since homework does not take up much of your attention and importance, an easy distraction can lead to increased errors and hence more time.

In all, do not waste your time thinking what to do when you have a lot of homework and little time. Just concentrate, be focused and try to love and devote yourself towhat you do. This can help you have a balanced life along with gaining knowledge.

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