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Capital Budgeting

Also known as investment appraisal, considered as a planning process. Thus, accountants evaluate the worth of investment for long-term projects. It also helps to determine if the potential investments hold the value that people in business can invest their company’s capitalization structure into it.

Also,firms do capital budgeting for increasing their worth to shareholders. Thus, it also helps to predict the future yields from an individual project. Besides business owners understands how to channelize their funds into prospective investments to gain more.

Now you need to know the methods financial managers follow to determine capital budgeting. This will help you to choose the required method when you have a first encounter with capital budgeting rules assignment help.

Methods of Capital Budgeting

Though the most effective method remains Net Present Value, you can use other methods as well. Few of the used methods include Average accounting return, Profitability index, Accounting rate of return, and internal rate of return. However, you can also use the method of Payback period, Modified internal rate of return, Real options valuation and Equivalent annual cost.

Reasons for using Capital budgeting

  1. Ranking investment projects

Business owners come across many potential projects that promise to yield high amounts in future. However, to decide between these projects they use the valuing methods. By doing this, they can easily identify the difference between rates given by potential projects. And, after the evaluation, they can consider investing in the highest ranked project.

  1. Source of funding

Whether they consider debt capital or equity capital, organizations must identify the sources of financing. Thus, by evaluating capital budget, they can understand from where they will receive the funding source.

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