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9 Ways Homework Challenges Are Completely Adventurous

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

Homework and assignments have become a mandatory part of the curriculum. Sometimes they act as checkpoints, while sometimes they are no less than heavy burden. The system varies from one educational institute to other. And it is definitely not under our control. Often they prove to be depressing for the kids. Now this place, where parents play a vital role. Children when face this difficulty turn towards their guardians, from whom they render help.
To explore deep into the subject reading “What teachers, students and parents are saying about homework challenges? “Would be useful. Here we shall breeze through nine different ways of lifting up your wards spirit towards doing homework.

  1. Turn your weakness into strength

In this context, I would like to narrate an interesting story- a tale of two pots. A servant of a rich man used to bring two pots of water, every day from the river. One of the pots were perfect in all respect, the other had a flaw. It had a hole. Hence the page could only bring back one and a half pots of water. The perfect pot took pride on itself while other pot was sad at its poor condition. So, he pleaded to servant to discard it, as it couldn’t deliver its service properly. Servant asked him to notice the beautiful flowers that grew on its side, on the path back to home. It was the flaw in the pot that delivered water to the garden. The path on the perfect pot’s side lacked such a lovely garden.
Domestic help had efficiently turned the flaw into strength. The same goes for parents too. They should gauge and turn the flaw of their ward into strength.

  1. Encourage the virtual learning

Homework is basically a tool to instil self-help skill, discipline, and keeps one updated with on-going lessons at school. Be it a surprise test or a regular class test, if you are at par with chapters of the subject done, in class, why take tension. So, take up the ‘T to O’ policy. It means turn your trouble to opportunity. That must be right attitude, i.e., use assignments as a chance of learning more about subjects. The more you involve yourself into it, the better knowledge you get. Plunge to E learning, I promise it works wonders. They are in vogue these days.

  1. Do it yourself

Yes, every boring thing in the world could be made interesting, if you can transform it using your creative skill. Suppose one has a homework related to classification of living things in biology. So what you must do is turn these black and white components of your story into amazing one, by drawing colourful charts to represent each of the genes with example. While going through literature why not bring characters to life by sketching them. It is a simple mode of turning the coursework to an adventurous one.

  1. Create a game out of it

This mode was adopted by my brother always. Be it the dull trigonometry or happening physics assignments, he is sure to bring out a game out it.  This implies that every tight and tough work could become a child’s play. In life, we are always not offered the best; we need to find the fun through them. Suppose you have got some problems to solve in organic chemistry. Go and grab some plastic balls and sticks, create the structure of the alkanes, alkenes and alkynes yourself. In the attempt you yourself would be surprised to see the work done.

  1. Give the charge to the teacher in you

This is my preferred one. As students we always look upon our teachers and professors to draw inspiration. So why not imitate them and carve out the audacious side of exercise given from school. I used to go through the lessons done in school, and used to teach my younger brother and sisters. In the quest, guess what, assignments reach completion. In order to perform well, in front of my young sibling, I shall natural give in the best. When in the ‘teacher’ mode, just as I give my fake students tasks to do, I finish off mine too.

  1. Learn through the application

Often homework seems as a tough nut to crack, because one is hardly aware of its significance. The same happens when we are taught theories at school.  We find them awful as we don’t really know where they are used.  Learning can always be enhanced when we find the applications. Laws of thermodynamics, they are an eyesore to all. Dude, go and open the refrigerator and look at its working components, go through the different parts and know their purpose. Now you will really know the wonders of thermodynamics.

  1. An amendment in the traditional way

Prep works from school and related exercise have proved to be a headache because of the age old traditional attitude we bear towards them. Let us do one thing, let us change their cliché name only. Why not find a new term for homework. You see the when we say ‘Titanic’ we form a particular picture of the same in our mind and it instantaneously changes our mood too. Similarly, the word invokes a particular imagination in your mind and hence does reflect the same in your action.

  1. Reward yourself

The lure of a gift is not just encouraging, but also provocative. Like people are given rewards as a respect for their work and also as a reinforcement to do more such works. So, use the same policy in your life too. When done with your homework promise yourself a reward- a present. These self-rewarding techniques not just push you to do more fine work, but also instil in you a want to finish your work on time. The lure of reward can provoke you to finish your task.

  1. Same the bit for the final

When dealing with homework, why not think in a positive way. See if you do the coursework keeping at par with schoolings done in class. Eventually it helps you in preparing bit by bit for final exam. Remember the old axiom” a stich on time saves nine”. So, do the bit now, and save it for the future.