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8 Ways How English Can Help You Have a Better Career

by Sep 19, 2016English

With English having gained so much popularity in the last century, its role in the lives of most people is very primary. England is a country that has had more than one half of the world as under it at one point of time which is precisely how the language became as popular as it is.
English is now considered to be one of the prime languages whose knowledge is absolutely necessary for bagging any kind of job that there is.
Importance of English
With the world having people speaking diverse languages and having diverse cultures, to have a common language to communicate is extremely important and English goes on to serve that particular purpose. Apart from the speaking and comprehensive ability of English, having proper knowledge about the English literature as a whole is extremely useful too.
Nowadays, just having bookish knowledge about the career you want to pursue isn’t enough to do well in life. You have to know about what is going on around you and you must learn to convey the information in a language that is understood by the majority which is none other than English.
Importance of English literature
There are various subjects that are underestimated beyond measure and sadly enough English is one of them. Literature of all kinds and of every language is worth applause and English is no exception. If you love English and have been discouraged by people when you told them about your love for the subject and the wish to pursue your higher studies in it, just ignore them and go ahead with your wishes because the scope in
English literature is more than you realize. If you love a subject, there is absolutely no reason why you should stop and think about what people might talk about you and how well you might do in life with that particular subject because believe me, getting a few thousand bucks less for the subject you love and enjoy working on, is way better than earning a lot in a career that you barely enjoy.
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8 ways how English can help you have a better career
Since English is one of the few underestimated Arts subjects, I simply have to explain its contribution in helping you have a better career.

  1. Your fluency in English can help you bag quite a few jobs
  • Now, now, now, since you already know of the importance of English as a language in the whole world platform, your fluency can work wonders.
  • The more fluent in English you are, the more confident persona you will be able to radiate and this is sure to help you bag jobs as HRs of various companies.
  • You can also go for journalism because of your excellent English speaking skills, a career that is more of a fuss now than you realize.
  1. The more you read, the more knowledge you derive
  • Knowledge is something that can never be complete which is precisely why, you can keep reading till you last breath and still not be learned enough.
  • This is why you should read more English books. It can either be literature based books or normal modern fiction to distract yourself.
  • However, this reading habit of yours is sure to increase your vocabulary to a whole new level thereby going on to make you excellent in writing stuff.
  • With companies so much in need of people to write formal letters and important documents, you might as well become a part of a respected firm soon.
  1. English gives you a scope to teach well
  • English is one of those few subjects that help you teach well and I’m sure you’re wondering how.
  • English is not just a subject of language it has more for you to learn than ever.
  • The more you read and know English, the more you’ll fall in love with it and the more you’ll learn about life in general.
  • This knowledge goes on to help you become a good teacher, the one that does not teach you to learn but to love the subject.
  1. English increases your flare in writing
  • Every language when practiced and written increases your flare in writing in that particular language and English is no exception.
  • English goes on to help you write well which comes in real handy if you ask me.
  • Be it jobs as Magazine writers or Newspaper journalists and Editors, a writer is always in demand.
  • With proper knowledge of English you can literally bag more jobs than you realize and really good jobs that too.
  1. With proper knowledge of English books, you can become a librarian
  • As much this prospect might disappoint you since Librarians aren’t paid well, in your knowledge, they actually are.
  • Librarians, with proper knowledge of books, are paid really well if they manage to bag the government library jobs.
  • And what can be better than getting the job of your dreams?
  • If you are a book lover, this job is more than dream itself. You can literally stay in the library all day long, smell books and read your favorite book and get paid for it!
  • All this can never be possible without proper knowledge in English literature.
  1. You can become a college professor with a PhD in English
  • If you love English and love to impart your knowledge to others, a PhD in English is just what you need in life.
  • Not only will you get a doctorate degree but also the chance to teach people, the youth rather, what English has taught you and how it has shaped you into a better person.
  • To become a college professor is a long term thing but once you achieve that goal, there is no falling down.
  1. English language can help you in becoming Linguists
  • With the new found obsession of people with other typical jobs because of the salary they are offered, people generally forget about one of the most important occupations out there.
  • A linguist is a person who knows many languages and goes on to serve as a translator to people who do not know the language well.
  • This is how people with proper knowledge of English and a few other languages can bag the most important jobs in the tourist sector which is an ever flourishing business.
  1. Your flare for English writing can help you become a blogger
  • If you do not know yet, bloggers earn more than you can imagine and the more followers they have, the more they earn.
  • It’s like getting paid for your hobby and what can be better than getting paid for doing something that you enjoy and love?
  • The better you write, the more people will admire you and the more followers you will get which will result in greater payments for you.
  • Be it beauty bloggers, travel bloggers or book bloggers or any other kind of bloggers that there are, English is what unites them.