8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework and Assignments to Children

Homework has been and still is a very integral part of the education system. Yes, it is absolutely true. It is very important to have the leash on hand to make an academician more disciplined, have a better knowledge of the subject and a complete grasp on it. But still there are certain conditions and situations where children face problem-solving their assignments. For this, there are 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework.

All these reasons are quite justified and the situations are also not very convenient for children. Children health and development professionals, over the years, confirmed that children with medical conditions could face adverse effect due to home assignments (if you think the word ‘adverse is abit too harsh, believe me, it is even more serious).

Here are the reasons why teachers need to reconsider giving too many assignments to students.

1 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Medical condition

There are many children who suffer from certain medical conditions. It makes them slower than other children to complete their task or assignments on time. In case the fail to complete their work, it creates a strange fear of punishment. As a result, children skip schools and lag back in their studies. So, for these special children, teachers should give a thought again before giving them homework.

Fact: 1 in 7 or 15% of the students in the US suffers from some kind of learning disability.

Some of the medical conditions are –

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

In this condition, students tend to get morally down very easily and lose interest. This can be quite of a problem as they fail to concentrate on one thing for a long time.


It is a language-based learning disorder.

Sensory disorders:

This means that there are students who fail to register and take instructions. As a result, they fail to follow what the teachers are teaching at school and how to do homework properly.


This is a calculating disorder where students have trouble in dealing with digits. Children with this condition find it very difficult to grasp any mathematical concept.

Disclaimer: Mind you, these are not diseases; rather, medical condition that forbids students to show equal level or progress than others.To aid this problem, there are professional online homework help sites which can guide children in their academics.

2 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Studying environment

There are several instances where students suffer from family issues, and that affect severely. But should that stop them from doing their homework? No, it should not. Then again, they are often not in a mental state to concentrate.

When I was in school, I saw this exact thing happening to my classmate. She used to get penalized for not doing her work on time. This went on for quite a long time until one day our school counselor had a word with her and recognized the problem. Later, she coped up well.

This is why; when a student is not doing the work properly, teachers should try to know what the problem is, instead of forcing them.

3 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Overburdening

Too much of school work at home can be overburdening. It will not give them the chance to ease the pressure and cope up with their studies. Students start lagging back due to this issue. When the same problems are getting repeated for an extended period, they simply get bored of studying, lose concentration and give up!

Teachers, who are in the same profession for long enough, will certainly understand this problem. Hence, they should start working on this issue. To ease the burden, students can now take help from online assignment help sites, where there are professionals who will help in completing the work perfectly.

4 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Restraining creativity

Every child and their mind are not same. This is something everyone needs to understand. The more you force them to do their assignment; it will make them drift away from hobbies and other activity. As a result, all of the creative talents possessed in them will start getting cornered.

It is all the way more because most of the homework and assignment till high school mostly surrounds the mainstream academic work. Students hardly get a chance to nurture their creative perspective.

5 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Depression

If academicians lag in doing their work, they start falling behind and get depressed. It is very common in children nowadays. Out of 20 at least 6 children are suffering from academic depression. This makes a huge percentage. With less homework burden, students are expected to do much better as they will have time to cope up with the study pace.

6 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Parents pressure

When students repeatedly fail to do their home assignment, after few warnings, this news reaches to parents. As a result, parents will force them to study more, get them private tutors at home, etc. But all these again will not solve the main problem; the only way to save children from time crunch is by offering them professional online help for assignments. With that, they can easily schedule their routine and also show progress in studies.

7 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Excessive competition

Competition to a level in children is good. But if that develops some negative traits in them, it is absolutely not correct. For instance –in the verge of acing in homework, they will never learn to socialize or make good friends.

8 of 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework – Inactive lifestyle

Do you really think children should sit at home and do their homework all day long?  First, school and then school assignment. All these are enough to drain out their energy. Next, you will see that your child is sitting in from of the computer or television in their too little, too precious leisure time. But with thecorrect amount of homework, you can avoid all these for children.

Now, these are the problems, and 8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework. But, if you provide them with online help, then it will ease so many troubles! They will start gaining interest in doing assignments, learn about time management and do better in academics. So, help them to build a better academic career and provide them with best online guidance.

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