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Common but Most Hesitant Question of Every Student “I Need Help on My Homework”

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Help

“I need help on my homework” it is a common question arises in the mind of every student but they feel so hesitant to ask a parent, teachers, tutor or fellow student.

Why student feel hesitant to ask this word in front of anyone” I need help on my homework”

  1. Past history in the classroom –

It is possible that child had asked his/her teacher this request of “I need help on my homework”. In reply, if the teacher had made fun of him/her in front of the whole classroom the student will feel ashamed to ask this type of question in front of the teacher in future. Teachers should be attentive in the class.

Although class strength is high but he/she should give enough attention to all the students and try to encourage student for asking questions. The teacher should give an answer to the question asked by the student as many times as he/she keeps on asking it. Teachers should check the homework with great attention as it is a way; they can able to know the concept understanding of the student. If any fault is found, the teacher should speak to the child separately so that he/she does not feel inferior in front of whole class.

  1. Busy parents –

Parent are the first person who interacts with the child first when they are doing their homework. It is possible that child had asked them “I need help on my homework” but the parent is either busy or lack in interest in helping child’s homework. They think hiring tutor is a solution but parent’s understanding with a child is much more than a tutor. If a parent thinks homework as a burden, the child will also think it as a burden and in future.

They will not do proper research for homework completion and the request “I need help on my homework” will change into simply copying from fellow student’s assignment. He will be reluctant to do the homework. He/she will get fewer marks in final exam as homework is the way to revise the work of syllabus and he/she is not doing it properly.

To avoid all such above scenario, pay attention while your child is completing his/her homework. Try to make a routine for them; this will help them in completing homework. They can easily manage all the task and complete homework in time. Child’s time management and decision making skill will improve with time if parent are helping a child in completing homework

  1. Fellow students –

In early age, fellow classmates matter a lot. Sometimes it happens that if a student like to complete homework and want to study then the child will also study. He/she will ask questions about the problem they are facing while completing homework and request to their parents and teacher “I need help on my homework” otherwise if his/her friends do not like to do homework, then he/she will just copy homework from other child and will not pay attention to their studies. As a result, their final exam marks deteriorate with time.

Both parent and teacher need to pay attention towards the child. They should check the homework of the child regularly. This will help them in understanding the concept clearance of the child. You need to ask child carefully why they hate completing homework. if friends are the creating problem, then the first parent need to do friendship with the parents of the child with whom they want their child to make a friend. Then gradually tell your child to do to friendship with a student who is involved in their studies.

Teachers should also mention if they see any change in the child. If earlier the child was paying good attention in the classroom but now he/she is not willing to do homework now and not even paying attention in the classroom. The teacherneeds to mention this change in the child to their parents as soon as possible so that parent can take necessary step for improving this change in the child.

  1. Fellow students –

When a childenters in the class, his/her area of interest increases. He/she interact with them. Gradually fellow classmates become friends. They start sharing their feelings about various topics. One common topic is homework and studies. With the increase in pressure of study, they start studying together.

This helps them with their studies and homework. But if the child had made the wrong choice regarding friends’ selection, then he/she will start disliking homework and start neglecting studies. It is a major change which will decide child’s future. Both parent and child need to become aware of the situation and act in the matter as soon as possible.

Hope the pointers will help the students to have better idea whenever they will ask a question – Who will Help Me in My Homework? Questions asked by most of the students.