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8 Facts to Definitely Consider While Writing ABC for Service Companies Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

ABC for Service companies stands for Activity Based Costing for the service companies. Now students often find it difficult to solve problems associated with this topic and hence solving ABC for service companies homework answers is often a nightmare for them.

What you need to understand is that what appears to be complex to them might actually be quite fun to solve, but only if you consider several things and keep them in mind. There are several ways to deal with homework solutions, but before opting for a way, one must consider a few facts which I will be discussing later in this content.

What creates hurdles for students?

Students mostly lead a life that tires them out to the core. Attending classes regularly is often a nightmare as they have to deal with other extracurricular activities like sports practice or say guitar lessons. Some even have to deal with the stress of doing a part-time job for quick money. Amongst all these studying seems to be quite a bore.

This results in them skipping classes and hence important lectures. That seems to be the right thing to do until he or she is stumped under a pile of unattended homework assignments with deadlines on the verge of expiring.

Pointers to note:

So here I am going to explain 8 facts that you should definitely consider while writing ABC for service companies homework answers.

  • Try to understand the basic concept. What is ABC for Service Companies? ABC or Activity Based Costing mainly recognizes the expenses that are associated with every activity carried out by a service company. Unlike the conventional costing system, ABC includes both direct and indirect costs associated with every activity of the service company.
  • What is the main objective of Activity based Costing? Activity based costing helps a company to estimate the total cost of all the products, the activities that are associated and the services as well. On the basis of the activity based costing of a service company the company usually identifies and eliminates the products that do not contribute to the profit gained in the business and assign lower prices to products that may be over-priced according to the results of the assessment. Sometimes depending on this, the company may also decide to eliminate the service processes that are not so efficient and introduce services that provide a better field.
  • One must know the difference between the different kinds of costs that is associated with service companies. Once you know what cost is being discussed and what cost must be used in the numerical problems, it is a hundred times easier. The students must know for sure the topic of the numerical problems. Most of the time they do not realize which cost to consider and that lands them in trouble. The solutions are wrong, and they do not get to explore their weak points as no one discusses these problems with them.
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  • One should keep in mind that the solutions provided by experts online are written in such a simple language that even if one does not have much knowledge on the topic, he or she will understand the solution fully. In order to ensure these explanations are also provided along with the solutions so that the students need not worry about misunderstanding the solution or remaining clueless about their homework all the time. This helps them to learn about the respective topics and not just get their homework done on time.
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Considering all the above facts one may overcome any kind of hassles that are associated with the complex homework problems on Activity Based Costing for service companies.