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8 Excuses to Avoid Punishments That Everyone Thinks Are True

by Sep 21, 2016Assignment Help

Homework is troubling, especially if you are a kid and you forget somehow to it. It’s the one thing every kid dislikes and doesn’t want to be anywhere near it. So, are you one of those students struggling to complete your homework? Have you forgotten about it completely until now? Are you on your way to school or your class and do not know how to excuse yourself out of it? Well, it’s not hard. Excuses are so common among students that the teachers have become experts at detecting lies and punishing the students who do so.
So, how can you get out of this debacle and not even get punished for not doing your homework? Well, the answer is simple, you need to think of an excuse which is plausible and which can be believed by adults. Things like ‘the dog ate my homework’ or ‘it flew away’ wont really do. They see through it.
So, choose from one of the excuses stated below and work your way around it. However, a word of advice: don’t do it too often or you will be caught eventually, no matter how good you lie!
8 excuses that work well when you do not do homework

  1. Tech problem

This one of the most convenient and believable excuses out there. A tech problem, in this context, can be defined as your computer or laptop crashing, your printer failing to work, your internet not working, and any such other excuses. Nowadays, the internet is widely used to conduct a lot of research work for any assignments and what better way to stall your work than your internet refusing to function? Use this to conveniently escape form being punished

  1. ‘I was really sick’

A commonly used excuse, but a believable one, this has saved many students through ages. Have your parents agree to it and convince them somehow, and there is no way that you teacher will not believe it. Tell the teacher that you caught a bug, or had a little fever, or better yet turn up with your wrist wrapped in a bandage and tell them that you somehow sprained it while doing something important. If you are pretending to be sick, look a bit like that as well in order to make it believable.

  1. Blame it on your parents

Teachers are often sympathetic towards dysfunctional families and so use it for your cause. Tell them you couldn’t concentrate because your parents were fighting in the next room and weren’t able to finish it. If your parents are separated, then tell them that you had to spend your weekend/ week with your dad and your mum forgot to pack your homework along with your other stuff. The teacher is probably going to be sympathetic and let it go this one time.

  1. Steal your homework

No. You can’t actually say that someone stole your homework, that won’t be plausible. However, you can say that someone stole your backpack. This is believable. A lot of kids backpack gets stolen every year and you can conveniently lose yours on your way to school and say the same to your teacher. Of course, don’t turn up with it later on or someone will eventually report you to the teacher.

  1. Forget it in your mum’s car

If your mum is working, then tell your teachers that you left your notebook in her car. While the ‘I left my homework at home’ is all too convenient and used often, no one will see through it. Moreover, the chances of getting caught on this is again really less as the teacher might call home to ask someone to bring it over whereas, you might not even pick up or the teacher might not call her as she would be working.

  1. Blame it on your sibling (if any)

Siblings can be pretty handy when it comes to excusing yourself out of a tricky situation. In order to avoid punishment for not doing your homework, tell your teacher that your sibling wouldn’t stop disturbing you. Or if you have a little sister or brother, tell them you were babysitting and they would stop crying or they were sick. It is believable and is quiet relatable as well.

  1. The death of your grandparents

The death of anyone close to you can be pretty traumatic and tragic and no one can understand and sympathize better than your teacher. Tell them that you couldn’t concentrate or were unable to do it because your grandma or your grandpa died. And the teacher won’t even try to verify it in the vent it is true, it would turn into a huge awkward situation for them. So, use this to get away from getting punished.

  1. How about attending an event?

Events keep cropping up anytime and you can surely use it as an excuse for your benefit. Tell the teacher that your parents dragged you to attend a social event which you could not escape from. However, you need to ensure that your parents corroborate along with you on this story and don’t team up against you. Also, use it when you were given a single day to complete it.
You can always get it done by someone else
One way to avoid both the excuse and the punishment is to get it done, not by your own self but by someone else. There has to be someone who would be willing to do it for you, a parent who loves you a bit more, a sibling whom you could convince, or a friend whom you could bribe. If not then get a tutor and get it done by them. If you run out of people who would be willing to do it for you, then you could turn to the wonderful internet.
There are various online educational websites available which help students do their homework, even right at the last minute. They help you to understand the topic, makes sure that you grasp the basic concept and even provides you with various examples to get through to you. So, get one of these sites to help you out and save yourself from getting punished!
So go ahead and save yourself for today by using one of these excuses. However, do not make it a habit as the same trick doesn’t work twice with teachers and they catch on pretty quickly. Have a punishment free day!
‘Excuses are lies wrapped in reasons.’