Doing homework is a hectic part for children. The reason is they don’t want to study for a long time. Yes, your children are small and want to spend time freely. But, when they have loaded work always, they feel irritated. It becomes very difficult for parents to make the things completely suitable for them.

So, if you are also a parent, then you may think that it becomes difficult for you too in some cases, when you want to get the best result from your child in a desire to enhance their interest in the study. Follow these 7 tips to make your child intelligent and more than that a homework lover –

  • Give rewards

What you give as a reward after your child’s hard work? Nothing! Okay, Just try this once. Try to give a reward. Every child enjoys playing and you know that due to homework load, he is unable to play right now. So, tell him that both of you will enjoy playing in the park, but before that you want his complete homework. The words will work like a magic mantra.

One more thing here to discuss is about the rewards. If you make him or her habituated with some gift or chocolates or any other item, then it’s your fault. You can give, but there must be a limit. So, whenever you have the situation like excess homework, then try to put his interest towards his homework with rewards, but in some other ways.

  • Increase the interest level

How much interested your ward is? Do you think that your child is interested in his study? If not, just try to boost up his interest level. You just need to know that when your child will assume his study like a game or make it interest, then you can easily acquire the things properly.

When he has some topic which is not understandable by him, then explain in a proper way so that your child can easily understand and complete his homework without wasting much time. Give real life examples like you could be a better position or anyone else could be an officer rather than a servant if he completed his study. So, you require primarily those examples which are not very difficult or known by your child.

Do you want to boost up the interest level? Give break after doing homework more than an hour. This is very important that if schedule of doing homework is very long, then give some break time and snacks to change the mind for a few minutes. It is always important that your child should not be in depression.

  • Use pictures

It’s very difficult to understand sometimes the exact phenomena. You can use pictures or the different diagrams to understand the exact motto.

Suppose, sometimes you need to explain about a tree and a plant, then just use the right photo or a picture to explain this thing in a proper way.

Sometimes, children at school level as well as high school level get irritated with some subjects and their difficult topics. Pictures always support a lot. So, in case of any problem in biology you should go through 8 study techniques to score highest grades in Biology. These techniques are really meaningful and boost up the mind of the students.

  • For describing any event or phenomena go through videos

Internet users know how to use YouTube or other videos. So, by typing the name of a particular name at the top, the thing can easily be accessed. Now, it is very important for you to go through the videos.

If you do so, the complex thing will be easier for you child to understand. Some scientific things, some times earthquakes, volcanoes and similar events are not very much clear in the picture, but you can easily make these clear by going through the videos.

  • Don’t give much time for completing homework

Doing homework for a long time will destroy their interest level. So, it is very important to make a proper schedule for your child. If you give sufficient time for doing homework, then this will make them lazy. You have to follow a schedule very strictly.

To make it interesting for your kids, you should use an alarm clock or a stop watch. Set a fixed time, then you will get how your child gets interested in doing homework. However, if completing homework is really very important for the next day and there is loaded homework, you must assist so that he can write properly.

  • Don’t scold for doing homework

Just love your kids and tell them to complete homework. You must clear them that by doing homework your child will achieve good academic career. You can explain about those students who dis not study in a proper way and did not get achievement in their life.

So, if you will be there with your children and lower the burden of their homework, then your child will complete without any problem.

Don’t pressurize for doing homework in a wrong way. Homework will be done properly only when a child does not have any other mental pressure. The parents know how to handle his kids, so they can easily solve out the mess.

  • Give some time

Your presence is important than your present. Yes, if you really want that your child must have proper interest in doing homework, then be careful and give some time to him or her. When you will be careful about your child, then his interest will get increased and just within a few days he will take it as an important work in daily schedule.

Each point is important and makes the things clear to each student. In case you have any difficulty in handling keep patience. This will give you the best way to handle your child. So, for a bit change in the life of a child or to boost up the interest level in his study, you should follow these above seven steps.

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