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6 Interesting Ways to Learn New Concept in Mathematics

by Oct 25, 2016Mathematics

‘‘No, I am not doing it. It’s too difficult to solve this.’’ This is how students react when they get stuck in a problem while solving mathematics homework.
Studies are fun till the time homework is assigned. Homework has always been the most hated task ever since the inception of formal education. However, there are subjects like Mathematics, where students start trembling with fear the moment they hear its name. Such are the complexities involved in this subject that no matter how brilliant a student is in academics, he is bound to fear mathematics. It is due to this fear that the hatred towards this subject arises.
I still remember an incident from my school life. One day after returning from school, I announced that my relation with math is over. When asked about the reason for the same by my mother, I replied, ‘‘It is very annoying to learn new concepts in a subject like mathematics.’’
Understanding my fear of the subject, my mother (who holds a master degree in mathematics) provided me with some quick ways which made it interesting to understand new mathematical concepts. Thanks to her solution that today I am pursuing masters in the same from one of the most reputed universities in the country.
Recently, I came across acousin who was looking for ways tomake her child understand the concepts of mathematics easily. Being a ‘victim’ myself, I understand the difficulties faced by hundreds of students when a new topic is taught in mathematics.  Thus, I thought of writing a post on how you can make learning new mathematical concepts interesting.
6 interesting ways to understand new mathematical concepts

  1. Begin with a problemin relation to the new topic

Mathematical concepts are often related to each other. Thus, before you start solving a sum of a new topic, solve a problem of a topic in relation to it. This will help you to have a better grasp of the topic as you will be able to relate in a better way.

  1. Use multiple representations

It is believed that the best way to represent any concept is through representations. Why not solve your math problem in the same way? Make use of graphical representations, drawings, symbolic representations, etc. This will help you to have aconceptual understanding of the particular topic and solve the sum in a better way.
For instance, while solving a linear relationship with an unknown, try using illustrations like anumber line, equations, etc.

  1. Looking for several ways to solve a single sum

The best part about mathematics is that there is no single way to solve a sum. Various procedures can be applied to derive the necessary answer. Try to look for creative ways with which you can solve a single sum.
More the strategies and approaches you are exposed to in a sum, better will be your grasp on the topic. This even keeps away the boredom factor.

  1. Relate it to real life

Being a case-related subject, there are various real-life implications of the subject. Experts believe that once a student finds real-life implications in his subject, it becomes easy and interesting for him to understand the topic.
Why don’t you try the same while starting a new chapter? In case, if you are unable to think of a real-life implication at the very moment, try relating it to some existing mathematical concept or some other subject in which you are well versed.
For example, while solving a sum of probability try to predict the outcome of something that is about to happen. Assess if you want to take a risk like purchasing a lottery ticket.

  1. Understand your doubts through reasoning

It is quite natural that while solving a new topic, you will face doubts or get stuck in a sum. Look for help. You can ask your teacher, parents or someone who holds good command on the subject.
While your doubts get solved, ensure that you have the proper reasoning so that it helps you from the next time onwards. Understanding without proper reasoning is of no use!

  1. Derive a summary

It often happens that we lose track of what we had understood sometime back. Thus, once you finish solving sums of a particular topic, try to find a summary of your basic understanding of the topic. You can even jot it down somewhere.This will help you to solve the chapter in a better way in the near future.
Tips to follow while solving sums on a new math topic

  1. Practice as much as you can

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’
In a subject like mathematics, it is very important to have an in-depth understanding of your topic. Since it is free from theoretical concepts as such, you need to practice, practice and practice so that you acquire expertise in your topic.

  1. Master the vital concepts

Just like any other subject, it is important that you have detailed understand of every topic in mathematics. This will help you to have confidence while solving math problems. In thecase of confusion, approach your teachers for help.
You can even consider looking for help from online professional websites which are ready to assist you whenever you want.

  1. Create a study environment free from distraction

While solving a math problem, ensure that you have a disturbance free environment which is free from distractions like mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. You should remember that a distraction free environment helps you to have abetter focus on your work.

  1. Review your errors in detail

It is natural to make mistakes while solving a math problem. Instead of getting disheartened with your mistake, try reviewing your errors. Know the areas where you got stuck and the things to avoid from next time. This will help you to hold a better understanding of the topic.
With these quick and interesting ways, don’t you think that solving mathematics can be fun too? Make use of these ways and tips and ensure yourself of securing the best academic grade among your classmates. Time to implement these ways, students!