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5 Simple Ways to Write a Good Outline of an Essay

by Nov 8, 2016Test Help

Essays can be extremely difficult to percept. Where some might find essays extremely easy to tackle, others might have an equally difficult time dealing with it which is precisely why you could do well with some tips to writing a good essay.
Essays are not just beneficial for English language but also for all the other numerous subjects that you have. It is a known fact that you have to answer the questions of every subject in English. Now, think about it- If you better in writing an essay, you will as well get better in writing your answers which in turn will help you score better than you previously did.
How are essays important?
Essays play an extremely role in the education system of any country. Be it English or be it any other language, essays tend to work on your writing skills and make your presentation better than any other. If you are a person who does not usually write essays, you answers will be relatively more formal and raw as compared to the person who does write essays on a regular basis whose language and approach to the answer will be way more refine and proper.
If your knowledge is proper and your writing skills and manner of presentation aren’t, there is little chance for you to score the perfect score but a little less knowledge and fine writing skills can help you fetch relatively more marks than the kind of person I previously mentioned.
How do essays shape you for the future?
Well, essays sure to shape you for the future and in a pretty good way that too. Well, academics are one of the most important aspects of your career.In fact, the only aspect of your career if you seek to continue with studies in the future and for excelling in your academics and setting up a good career for yourself. You need to get good grades and for good grades, you need to be good in the delivery of your answer.
While writing your answers, it is very important that you fulfill the demand of the question stated. If your answer demands to be to the point, you need to learn to write it precisely with no over exaggeration of facts but if your answer demands to be a detailed and descriptive one, you must not spare the details at any cost.
And the delivery of the answer, short or long, precise or detailed, needs to be extremely well presented and for that to happen, you need to be good in essay writing, the practice of which is sure to make you good in answer presentation.
Why is essay writing such a vital part of our syllabus?
Essay writing is an extremely vital part of our syllabus because of numerous reasons. Just like other subjects that you have learnt is not solely for helping you score good marks but also for making you an intelligent person with ample knowledge. Better understanding of every subject and excel in whichever field that you wish to specialize in, English essays are also extremely important for helping you pen down your views or opinions with utmost flawlessness.
Essays can be of various kinds and these different kinds of essays only help you to score well in other subjects instead of making you focus solely on the essay. Essays are not just mind-openers but also contribute a lot to your imagination abilities and writing technique.
Once you learn to work on your thoughts and pen down just the right amount of information coupled with your imagination and then finally organizing it with excellence, there is no stopping you from scoring brilliantly in the exams, all the exams might I add.
Why should you seek essay homework help?
Essays are of various types and to tackle them all with equal expertise is something that not everybody can manage to do which is preciselywhy, it is natural for you to have problems in attempting an essay or two.
So, whenever you might find yourself getting stuck in any essay, you can always seek homework help from online homework help companies who have professional essay experts to guide you through and through. However, if this information seems to help you in the way you wanted it to, you can always go through, ‘8 surprising ways to make an organized study time’.
5 simple ways to write a good outline for an essay
There are numerous things to keep in mind while writing an essay. Here are a few tips to write a good outline for an essay:

  1. A proper idea of what you want to write
  • Before attempting the essay, you have to sit and think of the numerous ideas about the essay that you are about to work on.
  • Once you’re done thinking about all the numerous ideas that you’re going to pen down, you can further make an idea of the various things that you’ll actually incorporate in your essay.
  1. An Introduction
  • The next thing that you must focus on is a proper and catchy introduction.
  • It has been seen more times than one that the most important thing in an essay and the one that has the power of keeping you interested in the essay is the introduction itself.
  • If your introduction is perfect, there is no stopping you from scoring good marks. Be in an argumentative essay or a descriptive or Narrative essay, all of it calls for a good introduction to give it a perfect look.
  1. Incorporate quotations
  • Essays of all sorts except for the argumentative essays need you to incorporate quotations to score well.
  • In fact, you must incorporate quotations wherever you can, but none of the incorporations must be inauthentic or vague.
  • Your quotations must reflect your views on the topic and further go on to make your essay extremely appealing to the reader. This will not only keep your reader, be it your friend or examiner hooked to it and he or she may even reward you with extra marks for your extra effort to do well in your essay.
  1. A detailed body
  • Once you’re done with mentally checking the points that you’ll incorporate and your introduction and quotations, comes the most important aspect of an essay, its body.
  • Be it introduction or quotations or any other aspect of an essay, it is all incomplete without a proper body.
  • In fact it is the body of the essay that holds the maximum words and has the entire detailing because that is how essays are supposed to be written.
  • A body is therefore that part of an essay which deals with the entire topic single-handedly.
  1. A well-defined conclusion
  • No matter how much of an important aspect the body of the essay might be, the introduction and the conclusion play an extremely vital role in the success of an essay.
  • This is because unlike the body which most people tend to skip if there is shortage of time, the introduction and conclusion are read by just about everyone.
  • Your body might not be checked but it is your introduction and conclusion, as excellent as they are, that are supposed to go on to be an icing to your essay. It is the conclusion therefore that steals the show ultimately.