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5 Reasons Why Students Hate Assignments and How to Deal with Them:

by Sep 21, 2016Assignment Help

You are no different from any students of the world and yes I know how you hate writing assignments above all. As if regular homework was not enough to kill you from inside; now these assignments are building forces against your peaceful life. But you dare not avoid them. The marks are connected with grading system of some educational system. Your case may be different but that still doesn’t open up any space for you to experiment on this matter.
Students have some common reasons working behind their huge dislike over assignment writing.

  • Not just boring but pointless too:

You have to admit this point. Some assignments are just boring. The pointless exercises will just squeeze out your natural enthusiasm. This way you have to rely on things like copying notes or just search internet sources. There will be lesser chance to actually grab what that lesson is meant for. It will kill the interest above all.

  • Stress level reaching danger-zone:

Your assignments have deadline. You just have to do it before that time. You know what does it mean? Yes, stress. The continuous pressure on your head created by homework is going to steal away your rest. But assignment is one level higher. To finish it before time or on time you may also have to skip some sleep time. There you go, stress level at maximum!

  • Hard to find appropriate notes:

Yeah I know teachers will explain stuff at classes but not all of it. Nothing is ever so easy. They will try to make you find it out yourself. You know already how hard that work is. So another point added to the stress level. There is one other thing. Some assignments have problems that are tricky. You will need to use a lot more concentration to break the ice. What does it actually mean and what you thought it to be may differ!

  • No time for your own:

I did never hear of a student who uses their free time to study or rather doing assignments. Come on, there are lots of lots of fun things to do like, reading your favorite mystery novel, watching anime episodes, playing video games or even becoming more social on social networks. So basically when you have important assignments and homework obviously you will have zero time to call your own. You just have to sit on your desk and become more stressed.

  • Did you really learn something?

As I said before as this task of writing assignments and doing homework is way more boring than anything in life so students find sideways to finish it. Common examples show copying from each other and worst copying using internet. This is what tells one simple thing and that my friend is you didn’t learn a single thing. Students need to have time and interest to learn naturally. Forcing assignment will hamper that flow. They will definitely try to copy paste things when they will have no energy or enthusiasm at all!
These reasons are important to know for why students hate doing assignments. But not liking it will not stop you from doing it. You have to complete home-tasks assigned to you. So generally you will have to look for things on how to deal with those reasons and do assignments without worries.

  • Some useful assignments can make your day:

Not all assignments are useless. You will have to deal with some that are very useful and will be needed in future also. My advice is to concentrate on those assignments. You can start by:

  1. Reading your class notes can bring out some ideas on things asked to you.
  2. Take professional help. You may consider taking the guidance from private tutors.
  3. If you have an internet access, then be free to take assignment support from experienced teachers. The good news is that those notes won’t be copied as they will be personally made for you.
  4. Try out some books other than just your text books. You can search internet on valuable sources or go to libraries for help.


  • Time management can help you release stress:

Before you become a walking zombie try to manage your time after school. If you seriously consider this matter then it will be very easy to do homework, assignment and also take some rest in between. I used to spend one or two hours max for taking naps after school. Yes it is possible.
The most important thing is to never leave any task for later. Start on assignments the moment you get your hands on it. You can always find out on How to make perfect environment to deal with assignment? That way you will succeed in creating a positive mood for doing it.

  • Professional guidance for better solutions:

If anyone really wants to learn something from assignments then getting professional help is necessary. Online sources are very useful these days. They will show you correct ways to handle them and also provide answers that you were trying so hard to find. The authentication is guaranteed so marks are guaranteed too! Read them and learn very easily as you will have enough time before submission date.

  • Break time to call your own:

You can manage some break time in between your assignment and homework plan. You should actually divide your schedule and include few break times. This way anyone can concentrate far better and have some time forthem too. Do things what is favorite of yours in that time period but remember to set an alarm when you sit for your assignment once again! Be ready to feel the change in mood after that.
“Do it now, sometimes later becomes never.”