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5 Factors of Geography That Will Help You to Fetch More Marks

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solutions

Geography is a very interesting subject. It deals with all the physical aspects related to earth and the atmosphere surrounding it.
It is also about how the life on earth is distributed, including the human life, the distribution pattern of population, the location of different countries of the entire world, information about cities, mountains, deserts, plateaus, terrains, rivers, lakes, etc.. Thus it can also be termed as a science that studies earth’s surface and atmosphere.
Many students find geography as an interesting subject whereas a lot of other students find it difficult because they think it to be a complex subject with different terminologies involved. With practice you will find that it is a wonderful subject which gives you immense knowledge about the earth and the things associated with it.
If you will try to understand this subject you can definitely score much better marks. You will also gain a lot of insight related to general things of earth if your geography is good. You can take certain measures for improving in this subject. You will come across with different factors that will help them in other subjects too.
There are 5 factors of geography that will help you to fetch more marks:

  1. Read about this subject

This is a very vast subject. You get knowledge about different countries, different regions and cities of the world, their capitals, the population density, mountains, oceans, deserts, lakes, rivers and so much more. So a thorough reading of this subject is very necessary because this subject requires you to retain a lot of things. It is not possible for anyone to just cram up the entire subject just before the exams or tests.
It requires regular reading because there are topics of different areas and the factual details are many. Don’t just stick to your syllabus books. Try out new reference books and the books that are very popular and interesting on this subject.
Listen to news and weather report daily and you will slowly get to be aware of the different geographic terms.  Try to purchase books that are having good pictures and colorful themes, so that you don’t get bored and are able to create interest in the subject.

  1. Study Maps and Keep a globe

Always study maps and practice them roughly whenever you are free. In your free time see the maps given in your book and try to trace the locations. It will give an insight to you for remembering the locations and their capitals; you can mark rivers, plateaus, deserts, mines, agricultural distribution and so much more on maps. It will help you to create a visual of the things that you are learning. Also, maps are an important part of geography’s exam.
Practicing them daily will give you an edge in exams. Always keep a globe on your study desk. It will act as a factor to remind you about different countries, the continents and oceans. Just spare few minutes to look at it daily and you will strongly improve in remembering geographic locations.

  1. Understand the Usage of different terms

Geography uses certain terms that have its own specific meaning. Students find these terms difficult to learn because they think it to be complex. You should not try to cram these terms but instead try to understand their meaning in true sense.
By understanding these terms you can describe them in your own words. If you find these terms difficult to learn then you should write them down and create sentences in rough. Writing them down will help you see where you actually forget the important points. If a certain term requires elaborate explanation you can always break it into parts, and explain it step by step.

  1. Play games Related to Geography

There are many games online as well as in the market that helps you to improve your geographical skills and knowledge. You can play such games with your friends and family and enjoy while learning. You will have a lot of fun and will learn so much more because then you will have a competitive spirit to win the game and perform better.
Thus, it is better for child that they should concentrate more on games related to geography subjects through which they can improve their concepts in the related field.

  1. Practice diagrams and try to correlate things

There are many diagrams also in geography. Try to practice them and understand them. They will help you in better learning because our mind understands much better from pictures. Many things in geography are interrelated to each other. Try to find a link between various topics which will enhance your understanding and you will find the subject very easy.
These are the main steps which will help the students to concentrate more on this subject where they would able to gain more knowledge in the related field and score good grades in entire subjects.
Along with these steps, students can also take the help from online professional experts who will help them in the related field. They will draw easy solutions for them so that concepts can be easily understood by them. These steps will also help them to come up with the same problem in other subjects too.
All the above steps will work better for the students if they follow them properly along with taking the help from professional experts if required.