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4 Practices You Should Avoid While Looking for Financial Accounting Textbook Answers

by Jul 21, 2018Accounting

The other day I was invited to deliver a lecture on career counseling for students pursuing Financial Accounting. What bothered me the most was not only were the students stressed about their career but also clueless about how to get the tough financial accounting textbook answers?
“Sir, I have been terrible at solving questions on financial accounting. I doubt if I can pursue a career in this field. It is just my first year in financial accounting, and I find it extremely difficult to find financial accounting textbook answers”
I wondered what plight this student must have gone through. When I had a hearty chat with the students of the high school and college students, I realized there are several things that they have gone wrong with.
“Do you mean to say we aren’t studying the right way?”
Nope, the intentions are not to demean you, but to understand certain mistakes we all do, (even when I was a student too). I just don’t want all of you to do the same mistakes that have had happened in the past.
The following is a humble attempt for my students to understand the top 4 practices that should be avoided while looking for financial accounting textbook answers.

  • Mistake no. 1- Not preparing adequately

For most of the students, financial accounting is all about numbers, debit or credit; you ought to place the entry somewhere. Sadly, this is not the case.
You need to prepare for any kind of financial accounting textbook answers. Keeping the task for the last moment is a wrong practice.
“There is little time that we get towards preparation for financial accounting textbook answers. How do we prepare?”
The answer is pretty simple. Understanding everything that is taught in financial accounting is significant. Whether you are learning the basics of double entry system or a single entry system, you need to learn every concept of the topic carefully. This is the first step towards preparation.
Secondly, jot down the points, when your professors hint at certain entries or concept on college accounting 14th edition solutions orany other topic. Make separate notes for your better understanding. It does not mean if your best friend learns the concepts in one go, you too can do so. Thus, never mind, if you have to carry an extra book to jot down the notes, but do so.
Thirdly, no sooner you are assigned with homework and assignments, preview them. Know which the areas you need to work on are and how to go about it.
“Okay, that looks sorted.”

  • Mistake no 2 – Not availing expert help

This day the digitalization has not only made the life of office going population or housewives life comfortable but has made the life of students easier too. The market is blessed with experts who offer online financial accounting homework solutions help.
When it comes to looking for financial accounting textbook answers, all you got to do is hire online homework service providers who can help you get your answers on time.
“I have heard about it! Thought it is a costly affair to hire somebody to look for financial accounting textbook answers”
It is natural to think so. But understand how the online service providers function. These are the experts who are from the education sector, especially dealing with financial accounting. They are a pro and provide you with accurate answers within the set deadlines.
“How does one approach them? Will I be able to talk to my tutor too and ask my doubts?”
Certainly, you can, the online providers do not only provide with financial accounting textbook answers but also offer online tutoring sessions, live lectures, mock tests, and interviews, to help you groom for your academics and career.
“This is splendid! I must get going today!”

  • Mistake no 3 – Not getting used to the terminologies

When terms such as capital surplus or ‘in the black’ or ‘in the red’, these terms must automatically give you a quick reflex in your mind. Sadly, there are many students who are still blank at such terms even after they have graduated.
Financial accounting like any other subject has terminologies to learn and understand. Students often ignore such terms and later regret on not knowing them.
“They are tough to remember. How does one do to remember all the terminologies?”
There is no shortcut to it. This can happen through much of practice. The more you practice, the more you will get used to the terminologies and concepts. If you intend to practice once in a blue moon when your exams are nearing, it is difficult to cope up for sure.
”So what do you think the amount of practice must be done on a daily basis.”
This is totally up to you. Set a time-table. You must devote sufficient time if you are looking for a flourishing career in your future. In the competitive world, selection as an employee is only on the merit basis.

  • Mistake no 4-Not attending lectures regularly.

The latest fad is ‘bunking lectures are cool!’ It is natural to feel so as after the school is over, all that one feels is to enjoy the freedom. But every pitfall has its loss.
When you bunk lectures, you automatically get disconnected from the financial accounting topic. Without knowing the rules of debit and credit, going ahead with journal entries is impossible.
“I think you have identified our wrong practices. I and my friends often bunk lectures to attend the theatre at the crossroads. We hardly get time otherwise to do so.”
There you go! It is wrong to do. Understand if you want financial accounting textbook answers, you got to be sincere. No pains without gains buddy!
The above wrong practices are based on my personal observations. As a lecturer in Financial accounting, where there are promising careers such as financial analyst to financial controller waits for you. You simply cannot ruin it because of your wrong practices.
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