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Can We Tackle the Desperate Sentence on ‘I Need Help on My Homework’ Easily?

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By Phillip L'Hoette
21 Jul, 2018

“Can anybody please help me do my assignment?  I need help on my homework and it is urgent!”
This alarming sentence on a blog’s comment gave a wake-up call on every parent’s minds as for how a student is in desperate need of homework help. It is heart-aching to see your child go through stress and tension when they are supposed to be building their future.
Welcome to the parents and students who are equally worried about“I need help on my homework. This article is on how can we tackle the needs of the students and provide them with a healthy educational environment.
“I hardly get to see my son. After coming back from school he goes for his football practice. It is then followed by his language classes and by the time he reaches home, he is so dog tired that all he says is-I need help on my homework!”
Exactly, this is where our students are heading. They have absolutely no time to pursue their choice of activity, no time to breathe, no time to eat, no time for family!
Have you imagined, how frustrating can it be for a student-life, who is eager to see his parents and have a hearty chat with them. All he gets is tons of homework and a huge pile of tension.
Following are quick ways of tackling the situation on students who ask for “I need help on my homework”

  • Mission 1 – Set a timetable

It may sound ridiculous, but there is no other way of putting the extra effort into providing a seamless atmosphere for you.
So first things first, get going as per your school timetable.
“What again eight lectures and its studies… I simply do not have that much time.”
Hang on buddy, all that I want to say is, simply go through the day’s timetable at school. Simply give five minutes per subject and revise them. All that you will need is less than 30-minutes (considering you have six subjects).
The vulnerable sentence of I need help on my homework will automatically eliminate when you have gone through your daily notes. You are good to solve the questions and doubts all by yourself.

  • Mission 2 – Get an expert to work

You cannot be master of all, but you can certainly hire masters of all. Yes, you read that right! With the advent of online homework service providers, the difficulty level of students has nullified.
When the alarming sentence at 2 am was triggered, I am sure the student was not aware of the online homework service provider. The experts are best when it comes to providing a student who asks for “Can you help me with my homework please”even at 2 am at night.
Well, we do not blame the learner either. Parents play a vital role in providing with right help at the right time.
“Will students not get spoilt by getting ready made answers. The scope to explore more on the subject becomes restricted”
Then you have got the concept on online homework service providers all wrong. The teams at work who adhere to the call on “I need help on my homework” readily guide you in your studies; help you to complete your homework by providing you with apt knowledge, examples, guidelines and more.
Let our students take the utmost advantage of modern-age online homework portals that has made the life of a student tension-free.

  • Mission 3 – Attend classes regularly

There is absolutely no need of attending any other coaching classes or tutoring if you have been attending the classes regularly. It is necessary as professors revise every bit of the topic thoroughly.
Many a time, students fail to attend the lecture due to a sports try-out or a theater practice, you will realize, automatically you deviate from that subject slowly.
Linda, a second-year student of commerce, started disliking Costing, while she was the topper in her first-year commerce. The reason, she had missed several lectures in her second year as she was a part of a cultural group in her college. She thus had to attend the meetings, meet the sponsors, make arrangements etc.
At the end what was the result, she deviated from the subject she was great at. What happens in the next lecture when the student goes to attend, he is all dumbfounded as everything is connected in a subject. He hardly understands anything and thinks everything is rubbish. When the question on assignment completion arises, the pitiful statement I need help on my homework to arrive.

  • Mission 4 – While studying no distraction

There are too many distractions that are around while studying. You need to keep every kind of distraction away. When you want to devote time towards a subject, make sure there are no mobiles or play stations or any other stuff that can be a cause of distraction.
“It is hard to stay away from my PS4. It is my addiction when I am at home.”
Right, so the solution is, promise yourself an extra inning if you complete a given task. This way, you will be glued to your subject study and a motivation to play extra will keep you away from getting diverted. .
There are similar other situations when a student is bound to get distracted because of a party or friends coming over, tell yourself, just one complete hour of study and you will be sorted.
“That sounds like a cool plan! I can also promise myself a week off from doing my accounting homework if I study the entire week!”
You could precisely do so if you do not have an assignment or homework to do.  But yes, it is a good practice to give yourself a week off from the study if you have been sincerely performing your homework and other tasks regularly.
The above missions and ideas have triggered over a period of time. There may be many instances, to which you must have related to. It is normal to feel so. The idea is to get rid of the statement “I need help on my homework!” Get self-sufficient, get smart, and follow the trend.
If you like the ideas, do share amongst your friends and let them get benefitted too!

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