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11 Ways to Explain Homework at Schools Are Essential

by Jun 19, 2016Homework Help

The constant debate about the importance of homework has no end till now. Students don’t want to do homework and find it frustrating, but teachers are not planning to give up on assigning homework.  According to various researches and theories are given by people, worldwide home assignments fulfill many educational needs.
These tasks act as intellectual disciplines in student’s life. It establishes study habits relieve time restriction on the quantity of curricular material that covered in classes. It reinforces additional work done in the categories. In fact, it encourages student’s initiative, responsibility, and independence and reduces the gap between school and home. Although it is annoying, frustrating still it has a significant effect on a student’s academic growth. Let’s find out more about why homework is essential for students.
What do you mean by homework?
Before discussing the essential points of the home, assignment let’s find out what it is.  It is considered as an out of class task given to students. It also represents the elaboration or extension of classroom work. Homework is categorized into three parts –

  • Practice
  • Preparation
  • Extension

Practicing assignments strengthen newly acquired knowledge. Preparation helps students in getting ready for actions that will occur in the classroom.  Extensions are mostly associated with long term a class project that continues simultaneously with quality work.
Why does it matter?
Now let’s focus on the main and important point why it is important. In last decades, researchers have concentrated on the finding the association between student’s achievements and homework and significantly strengthened the importance of homework.
Though the result has mixed reactions, there are many people who agreed n the fact that classroom assignments develops a sense of responsibility, initiative and fulfills the expectations of parents, teachers students and the society. According to these studies, homework has direct meaning to a student and is one of the most effective means of studying if it is planned carefully by teachers.
Even though people find it useful but the argument over homework never rests. It is important that people must explain it properly so that other can understand why doing homework is essential for a student. It will help in resting this ongoing argument.
Ways that explain essentials of homework
Here are a few ways that will help you explaining why homework is necessary at schools.

  1. Grades

Nothing is as important as grades for a student in their academic life. Grades are the measurement of your student life. This is the parameter that explains how you are doing and where you are lacking.  It can close or open doors of your future and can’t be changed once you are graduated. Many things have impact on your student life, but nothing can be compared to your grades it has much impact than other on your future. It has been said and proved that doing homework regularly and on time can lead you to good grades.

  1. Prepare for next class

Doing your homework on time will help you in preparing for next class, it will also make your classes more understandable, meaningful and less annoying. If you don’t complete your assignment, you won’t be able to understand what your teacher is teaching while attending next class.

  1. Purpose of assignment

Teachers assign tasks with two objectives –

  • For reinforcing what has been taught in the class and can get to know the benefit of independent practicing.
  • For exposing students to new topics that will b discussed in next class.
  1. Identifying your needs

Completing your assignments on a regular basis will help you in identifying what you need to improve yourself. I will assist you in clearing your doubts in the class by asking questions. Asking question related to your task can serve two purposes –

  • It will make your teacher know that you are doing your work.
  • It will help you in clearing your doubts and shaping your abilities to do your job on your own. That will lead you to get good grades.
  1. Opportunity to improve grades

If you are unable to finish your task on time or you, fail to complete it will result in you to miss opportunities for improving your grades as you won’t be learning at that point.

  1. What does your teacher want?

Your homework helps you in understanding what your teacher expect from you. Doing homework will lead you to understand what teacher wants to teach you and what is their expectations from you after teaching something.

  1. Escaping tough classes and teachers

Doing homework on time is the only way to avoid tough subjects and strict teachers. Mostly students blame their teachers for their bad grades. This is the reason why teachers are harsh towards students who don’t finish their assignments or don’t pay attention in class.

  1. Gain popularity among teacher

Teachers like to focus on students who like to do their homework on time. Students who don’t do homework fall behind and get lost in the bunch of pending homework.

  1. Makes studies more meaningful for you

Finishing your assignments makes your education more useful and helpful.

  1. Helps in learning

Doing assignments helps you in learning many things that are not taught in classes.

  1. Breaks Procrastination Cycle

Doing homework helps in breaking procrastination cycle.
This discussion will help you in understanding how important is homework for a student as well as assist you in understanding Why do students think homework excuses make them smarter?