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10 Ways to Head Start with Excellent Essay Writing

by Oct 29, 2016Test Help

Writing essays is an important part of an academic life. Throughout the entire academic life, you are asked to write the thesis on several topics with different guidelines. However, many students fail to grab this chance of getting good marks because they are not sure how they should start and how they should write their thesis.
Here are the 10 ways to head start with excellent essay writing:

  1. Research the topic

Students should begin their work by doing some research. Doing some research on the given topic of their essay gives them an opportunity to view different angles and points and using them appropriately in their essay.
You can use online resources, you can go to a library, you can also read the newspaper, or you can search it on an academic database. This task is now become much easier because of the advent of the internet as well as numerous online resources.
While doing your search, you must keep a few points in your mind like:

  • You must know what sources your teacher has approved to use for references.
  • What type of categorization of sources your teacher wants. Is there any specification for numbers of primary and secondary sources?
  • Is there any specification for not using or using a particular online digest?
  • You must keep track of facts belongs to which source. You must take detailed notes and write down the sources in correct order.
  1. Look and analyze well-written sample essays

An example or sample piece gives you the chance to learn different ways of writing a paper. The access to different articles assists you in learning how you can use smooth conversion in presenting on your topic. It can also follow the use of style, language and flow of the author in their essay.
To find to articles you can look for online professional help or you can also ask your teachers for help.

  1. Brainstorm your ideas

Before you start writing, you must think about an idea based on the information you have for your essay. You must think about what you want to express as well as the arguments in support of it and against it to back up want you want to show. Though, you have to come out with your idea make it exclusively yours. What you need to do is –

  • Make a list of ideas you have.
  • You can try using mind mapping.
  • Take your time in doing this.
  • Think about your topic.
  • Be ready for ideas to come when you aren’t expecting them.
  1. Plan your essay and create an outline

Take out the ideas that you have came up with. Assemble these ideas into and outline. Creating an outline allows you to see how your paper will be structured and with what type of sentences each paragraph should be containing. A good draft would use ideas phrases or use either topic sentence to make it a reliable guide for the essay writer.

  1. Write the body of the essay

Now it’s time to start writing the body of your article. While you are writing it you need to think about the length of the article; there is no reason to write pages over pages if your teacher wants a detailed and longer paragraph. However, you are free to write and let express your thoughts. You have the opportunity to make it concise afterwards.
While writing your essay, you must avoid sweeping generalizations. You must avoid writing general statements. Your reader may not like it because these are general things or they may disagree with you. On the other hand, these statements can make them lose their interest in reading your essay any further.
You should also try to avoid using personal pronouns.  If you use personal pronouns, then it will just state arguments with supporting the facts. This will make the sound authoritative to your readers. These are a few simple things, but they have a great impact on what you are writing and what you want to express.

  1. Come with a complete title

The title is the highlight of an essay. This is the beginning. This is the parts that make people curious and make them read the entire piece. It must be attractive. It should be the one that can quickly hook the reader to read the entire paper. The title is the part that has the capability to make and ruin the impression of your article.

  1. Introduction should be engaging

You must start by thinking about what your composition is about. It will help you in laying out the whole idea of your piece in advance. The main idea of you thesis is the ultimate factor in compositing the entire paper. Therefore, it should be plainly eloquent your viewpoint. It should be the way you proposed to justify that opinion within your report.

  1. Make sure to follow instructions

You must make sure to follow all the guidelines and instructions set by your teacher while writing your paper. Academic essays need to follow a particular set of convention related to the format. These rules also include styles and margin width, and font sizes. You must make sure to check whether you have followed them correctly or not.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is the part that is the final words of the writer which provides a brief idea of what they have discussed in the whole thesis. You must conclude your paper with a proper conclusion so that reader feels satisfied.

  1. Check typing and grammar errors

You have worked hard on writing your thesis. It is important that you must avoid any situation that will lead it to mark deduction.
Errors like typing error, spelling and grammar error are unavoidable by your teacher. You must check grammar and spellings to avoid marks deduction. Typing errors are considered as sloppiness and you teacher will find it a sloppy work from your point. You can use grammar and spell check tools available online.
Writing an essay can be a great way for a student in learning more about their topics and subject. This is also an excellent way to polish your writing skills!