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10 Reasons Public Universities Are Better for Careers than Private Liberal Arts Colleges

by Sep 3, 2016Homework Help

Education today has become utterly important for everybody in any corner of the world. Getting a bachelor’s degree by pursuing higher studies in colleges or universities has become an important factor for almost all students and then there are options for students as whether to attend private liberal arts colleges or public universities.
This decision is very important for any of us looking forward for higher studies because higher education costs a lot and it will be a great help for you if you can pay these tuition expenses wisely.
So how to do this? There are private liberal arts colleges and public universities to choose, but each of these colleges has their own quirks. The best option would be to go for public universities mainly because of several reasons that make them a great career building opportunity. So some topics are discussed below that make public universities a better choice for career building than private liberal arts colleges.

  1. Expenses

Higher studies are expensive, and their expenses are only growing with time. Public universities are far less expensive than private colleges. According to statistics, the total cost of private colleges per year including fees, room and board and tuition is $43,921 and for public universities, the total cost is $19,458 for in-state students and $34,031 for out-state students including tuition, fees, room and board.
So there is a vast difference in the expenses between these two colleges, so the public universities being less expensive, you can save a lot of money and generally most of the private colleges have an average cost of $50,000 per year.

  1. Academics

In terms ofacademics, private colleges have fancy niche offerings, while public universities offer a wide range of fields of study and extracurricular activities for excellent career opportunities.
Students in the public universities get more meet and greet with the professionals in their respective field of study and more practical sessions. A lot of extracurricular activities are found in public universities.
In ranking top colleges and universities in the US, most of them happen to be public universities in the list. This means that there are many top public universities which have unmatchable excellence in academics.

  1. Campus Interviews

Public universities offer career centres which are informative and are always available. The career fair offered by public universities are very good and have awide array of opportunities. These help students to find jobs and internships in their respective fields which help in developing a successful career.

  1. Social Activities

At public universities, undergraduates are encouraged more to take part and participate in social activities join different recreational clubs. Taking part in this kind of social communities helps to gain an insight of our social status and help in becoming more social.
In public universities, students from different cultural backgrounds having different race takes admissions, and you can get to see and interact with people from entirely different background. This will help you in expanding your knowledge about the world.

  1. Student strength and Infrastructure

Public universities have more number of undergraduates than private colleges. The infrastructures are well developed for large number of students. So this turns out to be a big advantage in many ways like

  • More number of students, means the campus family will be big and more learning opportunities opens up.
  • These large number of undergraduates make a very versatile campus strength and can be helpful in big projects.
  • More students means that you have the opportunity to mix with various kinds of people who could share the same thinking like yours which could be of a great help in completing your higher studies.
  1. Fun

Pursuing higher studies in public universities will be a lot of fun apart from the academics. You can make different friends, hang out with different people, discover your true talents, and discover out what you want to do with your career, which is all part of growing up.
Pursuing your higher studies is the most crucial time of your life as you grow up to be more of yourself, this is going to be the time when your vision for your dreams and careers should be made more clear.
This is going to be the time which will be an initial start towards developing your professional life.

  1. Facilities

Public universities offer different facilities like cutting edge technologies and information, more degree options, professional lecturers, renowned professors, latest research facilities, more scholarships options, etc.
With these wide range of facilities which are provided in public universities, learning does not have to be the hard way. The environment of public universities can suit anyone for it is exciting and inspirational.

  1. Change

There is going to be quite a change if you are changing your college. But having said that, change is good, it is a part of growing up, and it should be natural. Adjusting with the environment of the public universities can be quite challenging at first, but it will all be good once you will get used to it.
Change will certainly be good for you if you are taking admission in a public university as already mentioned earlier.

  1. Research

Public Universities does extensive research on various fields of study. These researches help the student to gain knowledge of their subject in vast depth. In public universities, more priority is given to research than lectures. Also public universities focus more on practical works which will help students to gain more practical knowledge of their subject, and that’s what employers look for in a candidate.

  1. Equal opportunity

Public universities give equal opportunities to every student taking admissions regardless of caste, culture, ethnicity and nationality. And certain benefits are also given to some students who fall in the category to deserve equal chances.
Final note:
So these are the reasons that make public universities better for a career than private liberal arts college. If you have this topic as your assignment, and you are having trouble completing it, then you can take help from our homework helping website. We make sure that all your demands are met with detailed knowledge and expert help.